AS PART of an effort to improve digital
literacy among children, Sterling Bank
Plc, the one-customer bank, has opened
a summer camp in Lagos to expose kids
to coding language during the summer
The fun-filled summer camp which
is being organised in collaboration
with Audax Code School is aimed at
improving digital literacy through
coding among primary and secondary
school students in Nigeria. The camp
which commenced on August 7 will end
on the 18th.
Speaking on the summer camp
initiative, Mr. Henry Bassey, Chief
Marketing Officer, Sterling Bank, said
the Bank is keen to play a significant role
in bridging any gap in the digital skills
of Nigerian children and to empower
them and their teachers in the science of
coding because coding is the language
of the future.
Bassey said, “At Sterling Bank we
are interested in activities that will
foster creativity and critical thinking.
We have ensured that learning at the
summer camp will take place in a
fun and collaborative environment
so as to encourage many of them to
take up careers in information and
communications technology (ICT).
“The children will also be exposed to
aspects of our Sterling Environmental
Makeover (STEM) programme which
seeks to promote environmental
sustainability, good sanitation and
hygiene, among others.”
He listed some of the modules to be
covered at the camp as: introduction
to programming with python, web
application development with python,
beginner web development, basic
computer fundamentals and digital
marketing/social media.
Sterling Bank is at the forefront of
educating young Nigerians on the
importance of saving and investing.
In 2016, the Bank organised financial
literacy trainings for children by staff
volunteers across its network under the
Employee Volunteer Programme.
In addition, 1,500 students were taken
through the rudiments of financial
literacy during the Financial Literacy
Day on March 12, 2016.
Sterling Bank also distributed 4,000
copies of a book: My Little Money Book
to about 600 schools pan- Nigeria.

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