KNOWN for its unique initiatives which
enrich lives and in fulfillment of its
promise to continuously reward customer
loyalty, children with the Bank’s I Can Save
account, one of the products on the staple of
Sterling Bank Plc, are in for a good moment
as the Bank rolls out plans to celebrate the
2015 Children Day in Nigeria.
Top on the agenda is the presentation
of gifts to eligible customers and the
promotion of a social media campaign
encouraging parents to post “selfies”
taken with their children; following which
followers/ fans are encouraged to vote and
the top three posts are awarded prizes. A
selfy is a photograph taken of oneself with
a smartphone or webcam and shared via
social media.
The social media angle, according to
the Bank, was included in recognition of
the growing importance that social media
plays in not just the lives of the parents
but the children. The events, according to
the Bank will start on Friday May 22, 2015
and end on Wednesday June 27, 2015
Specifically, the Bank will celebrate
the Children’s Day with lucky pupils/
students in their various schools in
fulfilment of one of the features of the I
Can Save product. A similar event was
organized to celebrate 24 account holders
during the 2013 edition of the Children’s
Explaining the selection criteria, the
Bank in a statement said that 300 accounts
with the highest average balances over
the last six months will be selected. The
winners, according to the Bank, would
be given special presents and gift packs
along with Sterling Bank’s branded
items. “Other classmates would also
receive gift packs along with Sterling
branded items. Letters to parents of
the other pupils introducing the I CAN
SAVE account would be included in
the gift packs along with the account
opening package”, the Bank added,.
Part of the statement from the Bank
read thus: “The event would be held on
three (3) consecutive days leading to the
week of the Children’s day celebration.
The three days scheduled are: 22nd, 25th
and 26th of May, 2015. We are doing this to ensure that the Children really
have fun and look forward to
next year’s edition. We are also
doing this to honour them”.
Children’s day is a recognized
national holiday during
which children are celebrated
worldwide with focus directed
towards their welfare. Most
countries celebrate Children’s
day on the 20th of November
every year while countries such
as Nigeria and India celebrate
Children’s day on the 27th of
May annually

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