Despite the billions of naira spent in the revival of the nation’s power sector, the story of non-performance and technical know-how is same as present, and the past governments seemed not to have the solutions to the dilemma why the sector was unbundled in the first place. The nation’s asset is seemed to have been shared in the disguise of privatisation as amplified by former President Olusegun Obasanjo.
Just recently, President Muhammadu Buhari was in a vehement lamentation over the power sector in spite of the privatisation, as the new distribution companies are only interested in the jumbo salaries received, carrying out any expansion is a taboo. I was told they can’t even buy a D-iron or pin insulator, hence the former vice president, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar’s assertion and advice to President Buhari and his APC to use political will to reverse the non-productive privatisation of the power sector that has made many Nigerians jobless, tariff now in form of extortion and the masses subjected to darkness.
Except this step is taken, the 2019 general elections may look most likely cataclysmic for the APC as a political party, unless a venerated grassroots political juggernaut like the Turakin Adamawa is unanimously allowed as a consensus presidential candidate of the party. If not, we should expect Nigerians to clamour for another change at all costs, as the change the electorate voted for seems not to be in tandem with the expectations of the down-trodden in the society.
The heat of the 2015 general election has come and gone, PMB has assumed office as the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with many doubting Thomases then. The APC government must not forget to pay homage to those courageous Nigerians who made sacrifices to ensure that Buhari becomes president of the most populous nation in Africa today. Now the ball before Buhari’s court is to ensure that the right pegs are put in the right holes by demonstrating genuine leadership style that will correct the wrongs of the past administrations. APC is sitting on a time bomb due to its unyielding approach to the opinions raised about the power. APC is heading for disaster and debacle in the next general elections except urgent steps are taken to correct some issues that are wrong to the glaring eyes of the public. MYTO 2.1 that guarantees increment in tariff is not met at all; so why cheating Nigerian electricity consumers in the name of tariff adjustment?
The DISCOS only take solace in sacking staff verbally and no one is asking questions. Things must be done appropriately because Nigerians are yearning to see the change they were promised translate into positivism in all sectors of the economy. So, no stone should be left unturned in this quest for a better and flourishing Nigeria.
Former Vice President Atiku recalled that “the Obasanjo-led administration which sunk several billions of United State dollars into the sector, took the wrong approach in tackling the power sector and failed to address the problem of the power sector because the government took a long-term measure rather than a short-term approach.” The Turakin Adamawa also opined that “President Goodluck Jonathan also took a wrong step in solving the power sector problem which has accounted for the current epileptic power supply and joblessness in the sector.”
This administration must do the needful to authenticate the receipts of payments for all DISCOS and the CBN Power Sector Intervention Fund of over N30.5billion and make facts public for Nigerians to see; so that this fight against corruption by President Buhari can be taken seriously or else, it may be termed selective. BPE chief and the directors should be quizzed by the EFCC now. In fact, Nigerians are confused; the APC government is not heeding to what the Nigerian populace want, why?
The enormous political task before this dispensation is the economy, particularly the GENCOS, TCN and DISCOS who are living large without minding what is expected of them in the areas of expansion and metring. Nigerians are yearning to see the change they were promised to translate into positivism. President Buhari cannot afford to perform less than what he is doing in the arms deal probe, as Nigerians deserve such sterling quality of service, particularly at a time when the nation has collectively chosen a new direction towards the APC.
Adanu, a Media and Communications specialist, wrote via [email protected]

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