The wait for Sting’s second match in a WWE ring may not be anywhere near as long as the wait for his first.
The six-time WCW world champion returned during Monday night’s episode of Raw.
Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were planning to unveil a statue of Seth Rollins after he defeated John Cena at SummerSlam on Sunday night, but The Icon was waiting behind the curtain.
Sting then made his intentions clear by grabbing Rollins’ WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt. Triple H then announced Sting vs. Rollins at Night of Champions.
After fans speculated for years about whether he would ever make the jump to WWE, Sting shocked the wrestling world when he made his first appearance with the company during Survivor Series 2014.
That kicked off a feud with Triple H that culminated in defeat at WrestleMania 31.
After the Raw immediately following WrestleMania, Sting gave a somewhat vague interview about what the future held for him in the company.
In the days leading up to WrestleMania 31, Sting didn’t shut the door completely on another WWE run, but he signalled his match with Triple H could be more of a one-off occurrence.
“I’m feeling like this is probably going to be my last one. We’ll see how everyone reacts. If I’m asked to do one more at Survivor Series or maybe even WrestleMania next year, at this point, I would consider it. But realistically, this is going to be my last one,” he told the Associated Press.
Given Sting’s status in the industry, his list of potential challengers was pretty small. He’s not like Chris Jericho, who can randomly turn up at house shows and wrestle Neville on a WWE Network exclusive, but whatever WWE had planned for Sting, it was going to be big.
It is however a bit surprising the company is not teasing a match between Sting and The Undertaker, as that was a natural pairing after years of fantasy booking by wrestling fans.
But Rollins is a strong replacement and an in-ring foil befitting Sting’s legendary status in the business
Also, it would continue the Sting vs. The Authority story arc that began at Survivor Series.
Nobody will expect Sting to be able to put on a five-star mat classic at 56 years old, and his WrestleMania clash with Triple H wasn’t all that memorable beyond the interference from D-Generation X and the nWo.
That shouldn’t preclude Sting and Rollins from putting on a good match, however. Seeing Sting in a WWE ring for what could be the final time will be more than enough to make their fight a massive spectacle.