Senator David Umaru (Niger East) has lamented the policy of ‘stomach infrastructure’ being advocated and practiced by some politicians.
Addressing journalists in Minna on his achievements in the last one year, Umaru said the phenomenon was a cog in the wheel of the nation’s progress.
“Stomach infrastructure is what has brought us to where we are today because even rich and developed countries are not in a position to provide for everybody. There is no way you can have money to distribute to everyone; it is either we develop our communities or give money to people.
“If I give you rice today, tomorrow you go to the toilet and it is gone; you too will forget that I gave you rice; rather than do that, why don’t we prepare people to find food for themselves‎. I hear people say I do not give money, but I would rather do something that everyone in the community ends up benefiting from,” he said.
According to him, building legacies that will stand the test of time are paramount to the growth and development of the country, rather than distributing money to people.
The lawmaker also dismissed insinuations that he only assists people of a particular religious faith in his constituency, insisting that he treats everyone equally.
“With my upbringing, I have never seen religious differences as an issue; for me, the character of a person is what is important,” he said.
The senator said he had presented five bills, four motions and three petitions at the floor in the last one year. NAN

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