Ahmed Gumi and other Muslim
scholars have faulted Emir of
Kano, Muhammad Sanusi’s
suggestion that Nigerian
pilgrims will henceforth not
participate in the Devil stoning
ritual, usually done at the
Jamrat, Saudi Arabia.
Nigeria’s Amirul Hajj
2015, had raised the alarm
that Nigerian pilgrims may
not participate in the devil
stoning rituals, except they are
given accommodation close
to ‘Jamrat’, where the ritual
usually takes place, following
the stampede in Mina, where
1415 persons died, including 99
Nigerian pilgrims.
While dismissing claims by the
Saudi authorities that Africans
were largely responsible for the
stampede, he quoted the several
verses of the Qur’an and the
sayings of Prophet Muhammad
(SAW) to the effect that the
refusal to perform the stoning of
devil ritual does not in any way
invalidates one’s Hajj.
“During the era of Prophet
Muhammad (SAW), he
permitted pilgrims who came
on camels to stay in Makkah
after Arafat, instead of staying in
Mina and sleeping at Muzdalifa.
“So, if the Prophet can give
such grace to some people, just
to protect their animals, why
didn’t our scholars educate our
people properly to avoid this
untoward hardship and death.
“Therefore, it will be part
of my recommendation to the
Federal government that, if
we cannot get accommodation
close to ‘Jamrat’ where the
Arabs reside in Mina, then this
year may be the last time we will
sleep in Mina and Muzdalifa
because we want to stone the
“Besides, that if one
deliberately refuses to even
perform the stoning of the devil
rituals, all he needs to do is just
to slaughter a ram. So, if this
is the situation, why do we go
and suffer and die instead of
sacrificing a ram.
But Sheikh Dr. Ahmed Gumi
said nobody can stop any
pilgrim from the stoning of devil not even the Saudi Authority
adding that it depends on the
ability of a pilgrim stressing that
the pilgrim can or assign someone
to slaughter in exchange for the
“It can be understood from
two perspectives of religious
and political perspectives.
Religiously, stoning the devil
is a religious right and only the
pilgrim can decide whether he or
she can do it or he or she will do
the compensation of not doing it.
And there are school of thoughts
that say you can delegate
somebody to perform the stoning
for you if you cannot.
“Then the political perspective,
Mina under normal circumstances
cannot accommodate more than
maybe 1.5 million people or 2 to
3 million people going for hajj.
So definitely, there will be
congestion and this kind of
situation is likely to happen.”
“People are complaining
about Africans. Other nations
when they stay close to
Africans they complain of
noise making and behaviours.
Some don’t wear hijabs, men
and women doing all sorts
of things. So these are the
reasons why we cannot bargain
for very good choice of area
but rich Nigerians and those
government officials they get
accommodation very close to
the Arafat,” Sheihk Gumi said.
On his part, Alhaji Tajudeen
Tijjani Ajibade, said camping
close to the Jamrat or one not
stoning the devil will not stop
anything from happening except
if one doesn’t believe in Allah.
“The stoning is one out of five
hajj rites that have been on for
a very long time. It is one of the
five pillars of hajj rites after going
to Mecca to visit the mosque,
rounding the Kabba (Tawaf),
going to Madina to visit the
Prophets Mosque and climbing
the Arafat.
“Stoning devil is a jihad, God
does not like devil likewise does
any body like the devil so we must
stone the devil. So when you are
stoning the devil, do not forget
that the devil too has told God
that he is powerful and so devil
can be stoning back,” he said
noting that proper organisation
should be recommended.
A pilgrim, Alhaji Abdulgafar
Alabelewe, said irrespective of
the positions, people will still
violate it and want to perform
the stoning the exact time the
Prophet performs his.
“A day is not possible for the
stoning. So, no Country will like
to go contrary to the Sunnah.
They will rather not stone than
slaughter ram,” he concluded

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