women mobilize of the
National Coalition for
Peace and Development,
NACOPEAD, Hajiya Hauwa
Bagu, has condemned what
she described as “unguarded
and frivolous utterances by
Gov. Fayose of Ekiti State”.
Hajiya Hauwa Bagu, who
was speaking on Wednesday
to journalist at her office in
Abuja, urged all persons of
goodwill to disregard the
“impulsive comments of the
Governor who obviously has
a habit of throwing caution to
the winds whenever he makes
it his calling to cast aspersions
against the President.”
She remarked that while it
may not be necessary to join
words with Gov. Fayose if
he attacks Mr. President who
is a public figure, peddling
rumours against his family such as Alhaji Mammam Daura
must be condemned.
Hauwa remarked that it stands
to reason to say that Fayose who
obviously has become “a victim
of an ingrained phobia of Mr.
President’s uncompromising
integrity, must have lost it when,
contrary to his wishes, the man
returned to his responsibilities
hale and hearty.
She further pointed out that
though people are entitled to
right of speech and expression,
such rights must not be abused
by “venting nonsense and
irritating imaginations out of
plagued minds”.
“Judging by recent happenings
in our governance circle, “it is
clear that no cabal exists, and
Daura heads none except in
Fayose’s melodramatic mind.
“Public statements by Fayose
in recent times have fallen short
of the expectations of the virtues
and grandeur of the office he holds.
“It is so shameful and
immoral that a man occupying
such a position should wish
death on the President of his
own country, or any other for
that matter, when all the man
lives for is to ensure a better,
sane Nigeria.
‘Enough is enough,’ Hajia
Bagu stated.”

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