YOUTH Wing of the Christian Association of Nigeria has called on clerics and other religious leaders to desist from propaganda and false prophecies as such had caused unnecessary tension amongst Nigerians.
National president of the association, Engr. Daniel Kadzai who made the assertion in a chat with newsmen in Lafia, the Nasarawa State capital, at the weekend, regretted that such religious leaders had caused unnecessary tension and called for a change of attitude in the New Year.
He observed with concern the alleged interference of some political office holders in purely religious matters in a secular country where there were clear line of responsibilities and limitations for each arm of government.
Kadzai, who blamed some of the challenges facing the country on lack of adherence to oath of office by Nigerian leaders, expressed sadness on the alleged failure of some leaders to secure the future of country’s youth, which he said was occasioned by looting of public treasuring, misappropriation of funds, nepotism and greed.
“I therefore, strongly call on government at all levels to intensify the war against corruption and live to their responsibilities of ensuring social justice, rule of law and accountability.
“We observed as a blatant disregard to the faith of Nigerians the purported plans by some persons to replace the Christian religious knowledge in schools with what is termed, “religions and national values” without proper consultation with Christian leaders in Nigeria.”
The Christian youth leader insisted that developing a school curriculum, especially concerning sensitive matters like religion in Nigeria, should be handled by professional educational curriculum articulators and experts in furtherance of good morals to children and youths.
He urged government at all levels and politicians to desist from making decisions and unguided utterances that could polarise Nigerians on religious line, stressing the need for religious leaders and institutions to be respected and accorded their due place.
“I encourage Nigerians to have faith that Nigeria will live up to its prophetic destiny as a united, prosperous great nation.”

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  • They can only create tension and unnecessary fear among people of little faith ,hence Christians of sound mind and strong believe will see these prophesies as biblical ignorance ,/adulteration and satanic/spiritual capitalization .They are only creating fear where there is none .All Christians should grow their faith and burry their fear .Labour in the word and ignore the fables .