Former Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Alhaji Abubakar Tsav, has accused the governor of Benue State, Samuel Ortom, of hiding under the umbrella of religion to deceive people.
“You cannot claim to be a man of God when you run from one party and go to cause injustice in another party,” Tsav said.
The retired Police Chief, who is currently a Commissioner with the Public Complaints Commission, told Nigerian Pilot Sunday, in Makurdi at the weekend, that he was in a meeting where Ortom said as former militia leader, he would put God aside if anybody tampers with his election.
“There was a meeting that was held by Mzough U Tiv. They invited two bishops, including the Benue State CAN president, some second class chiefs, they invited me and I was there when Ortom got up and told us that though he was ‘Born Again’, he was also head of the militia.
“I wasn’t there alone. In the presence of the traditional rulers, two bishops and the executive committee of the Mzough U Tiv he said he was a ‘Born Again’ Christian, but if anybody tampers with his election he will go back to the militia. He said the thing is still in his head,” Tsav emphasised.
He also accused Ortom of being bias in his fight against corruption, wondering why he is focusing attention on Suswam’s government alone while Senator George Akume who was governor of the state between 1999 and 2007 was terribly corrupt.
“Every time he sits he thinks about nothing but Suswam has done this, Suswam has done that,” Tsav lamented even as he accused Ortom of being economical with the truth when he recently appealed to the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Environment, Mrs. Nana Mede to make funds available for the completion of Idye Canal when he knew the project had been awarded under Akume and N700 million was paid to Ayu.
“When recently Mrs. Nana Mede came here she disclosed that funds meant for flood intervention in the state was diverted. He pleaded with her that money should be made available so that he could finish Idye Canal. He did not tell her that Idye Canal was awarded during Akume’s time and about N700 million was paid to Ayu. Ayu took the money and did not perform,” Tsav further stressed.
“He also did not mention what happened at Taraku Mills, he was talking about diversion by Suswam. So, if he wants to be fair, let him investigate Akume also.
“Also, Akume sold government property during his time and the people who took part in the sale of these properties and who also sold many property themselves are those who make up the committees investigating Suswam and so there is no truth, there is no justice, the man is just deceiving us,” Tsav maintained.
He believes that Terhemen Tarzoor would do better as governor of the state since he is educated and a devout catholic, stressing that it is the catholic church that is at the forefront of the war against corruption in the country.

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