Seventy days into the federal administration of President Muhammadu Buhari and with 30 days to the first 100days of the All Progressives Congress, APC-led government in power, Nigerians are agitated that the clear absence of governance is stalling the deliverance of democracy dividends to the people.
It is also causing sizeable degree of misgivings against the real intent and purpose of the Muhammadu Buhari administration as well as its agenda for the country and its people.
We are not unaware of the promptness with which some interests would react adversely to our position on this fact that the appearance of governance the administration currently has in place is a very far cry from the expectations of the people who had long before last February 14 presidential poll believed in the manifesto of the APC and President Buhari as per what to expect from the latter’s government.
With clearly two-thirds of his first 100 days in office here, we find it difficult to believe that there is nothing to show to the expectant average Nigerian who queued out there in the sun after the hectic campaigns to vote for the President. For them today, their hopes and expectations are turning into a mirage.
While we appreciate the need for the administration to do the needful in tandem with its own agenda for a better Nigeria, we must advise that whatever the appearance of governance the administration is currently running, there is still no direct relationship with the hungry, jobless, homeless, insecure and waiting Nigerian who took the campaign promises of the ruling party and government hook, line and sinker as the sure recipe for the Eldorado they have long awaited.
And before their expectations are cut short by any intervening development, we must remind the President that he made the following promises as close as a few months ago; and since there does not appear to be any move towards making them come to pass, it is no longer news that many Nigerians hold that there is an unconscious drift at the centre that has rendered governance an almost permanent abode in the slow lane while playing up the anti-corruption card.
The man on the street does not understand all that. Just constitute your cabinet and let governance start, pronto! Some campaign promises that touch on the lives and survival of the people that this government must begin to work on include but not limited to the following:
. Free education
. Job creation
. 24-hour steady public power supply
. End of Boko Haram insurgency
. Security of lives and property
. One free meal per day for school-going Nigerians
. Unemployment benefit for jobless Nigerians
On this note, we recall the posturing of the President that corrupt persons cannot serve in his government and warn that such values attached to offices he expects his appointees to superintend over, ought to have been a confidential and well-guarded secret. Now that he has let the cat out of the bag, he must expect to get more than a handful of such persons in his cabinet.
The reason is simple; impostors like a young girl desperate to impress a would-be husband, can pretend for a long time to get his confidence before they strike. However, the government must be able to sieve the wheat from the chaff; and it must do so now as time is no longer in its favour. The people want action and they want it now.

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