Bacerlona a city in Spain is widely known as a sporting country especially football. However it is also a city that has lots of beautiful tourist sites. Here are some of the beautiful places that will trill you in this city.
Giant Basilica was designed by the master architect Antonio Gaudí. This building has been under construction since 1882 and they’ve still got another 30 to 80 years (depending on funding and resources) to go before it will be finished. Just imagine the dedication, devotion and commitment involved in creating a building for that length of time.
A first time visitor would be rather shocked, as it was so different from anything ever seen or reference point. However each time a visitor visited it, they slowly grew to love the building. Its uniqueness, its boldness and sheer size are breathtaking. It is under construction which means that each time you visit, you will see something new. You will also be witnessing a masterpiece in its creation as the work will be going on whilst you visit.
• Las Ramblas – Barcelona’s most famous Street
La Rambla, or “Las Ramblas”, as it is sometimes called, is Barcelona’s most famous boulevard.
Here you will not only find many interesting shops, restaurants and buildings, but also street performers.
La Rambla summarize the main attractions on this famous street with its numerous hotels,if you are planning on staying there during your visit.
Street performer on La Rambla
• La Pedrera – Casa Mila
This building used to be called Casa Mila, but now it’s more commonly known as La Pedrera which means “quarry”. Gaudí was instrumental in completing this building and his characteristic wavy brick work and colourful tiles are also evident on this masterpiece and one of the most visited tourist attractions in Barcelona.
• FC Barcelona Camp Nou Museum
No surprises here. If you are a football fan then this museum is a must see. It has wall to wall trophies, pictures and statues of the greats. A football fan would enjoy walking round this museum.
• Park Güell by Gaudí
Park Güell is a wonderful large park designed by Antoni Gaudí. There is both a free and admission free part to the park. You will see amazing stone structures, colourful ceramic tiles and the house where Gaudí lived. You can easily spend half a day on a visit to this park.
The “monumental area” in the park is a destination for most tourists. There is usually a long entrance queue if you want to visit the “monumental area” which has the most interesting things to see in the park. The monumental area include the section with the ceramic tiles seating area that offers you magnificent views of rest of Barcelona.
• Picasso Museum
The museum has arranged Picasso’s paintings in chronological order from his early days to his final works. Arranging the paintings in this way gives you a fascinating insight into the development of Picasso thinking over time and shows how he developed the distinctive designs that he is famous for today.
• Placa Reial
Plaça Reial is a picturesque square situated just off La Rambla. The square offers you a relaxing spot to have a coffee or a bite to eat and just take in the atmosphere. The square has a beautiful fountain in the centre and some fine restaurants and bars. There are also two large, distinctive lampposts in this square which were designed by Gaudí and represent some of his first commissioned works. At the foot of each of the lampposts you will see a plaque that identifies them.
Others include Barcelona Cathedral, Barcelona beaches, and Tibidabo moutain(with panoramic views of the city) that are also wonderful places to visit. There are also many interesting attractions a short train ride from Barcelona e.g. the Dalí Museum in Figueres.