Students of the Nigerian Turkish International Colleges NTIC have produced a car made of steel and powered by solar panels.
The students displayed the innovation during the recent Science and Art Fair 2016, organised by the NTIC in Abuja.
There was an electricity generating system next to the solar-powered car which really excited a JSS 2 student of JSS Oruru. The project was shaped in form of a large dish made of mirrors.
“The mirror in the dish detects light from sunlight and takes it to a tank filled with water that is heated up and converted into steam,” said Abdul, one of the students.
“The steam goes into turbines and electricity is generated. This electricity generating system is an infinite generating system and involves no form of air pollution,” he added.
Thousands of visitors who trooped to the fair were held spell bound right from the moment they walked in by the view of a moving solar car made of steel and powered by solar, which the students took turns to drive.
This kept their enthusiasm high as they went round the fair viewing other spectacular, creative and innovative projects by the students.
Coordinator of the science fair, Gungor Sahin, said, “The aim of the fair is to make NTIC students become innovators of the future and share their experiments and ideas with other schools.”
The fair was witnessed by the Permanent Secretary and directors in the Ministry of Science and Technology, who carried out an inspection of the projects displayed by the students and were highly impressed by what they saw.
It also had in attendance about two thousand viewers including teachers and students from over 30 schools within the Federal Capital Territory and neighbouring states many of whom were utterly amazed by the projects on display, designed by students of the school.

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