As the proposed sale of national assets continue to generate mixed reactions from Nigerians, the Foundation for Human Rights and Anti-Corruption Crusade (FHRACC) has said such move is a suicide waiting to be committed by Nigeria.
FHRACC warned that selling national assets was not the solution to the economic meltdown that has befallen the Country.
President of FHRACC, AlaoweiCleric in a statement yesterday said those making such dubious call intend to use the opportunity to pursue their nihilistic ambitions which will only result in plundering the already pauperized masses if they have their ways.
The statement Reads; “Instead of buying the idea of these exploitative Nigerians, we implore the Federal Government to key into the calls of majority of Nigerians against selling the nation’s assets. Mr President should probe into other areas to fine-tune the solution to the problem. What the government need now is attitudinal change or a change of approach. The President’s body language alone is scaring away investors from the Country. You cannot say Nigeria is morally bankrupt and then expect investors to invest in such a bankrupt Country”.

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“President Buhari’s Government is also lacking competent hands to handle critical sectors of the economy. Many of the appointments are a square peg in a round hole. That’s a wrong placement and you cannot expect such persons to function according to expectation. Appointment to public office should not be a political patronage to satisfy power players in politics. After spending over two months to look for holy Nigerians, what the President have in his Government is a retinue of incompetent and unqualified personnel Manning some of the sensitive ministries. President Buhari should swallow his pride and effect cabinet reshuffle immediately. The Government needs qualified hands to pilot the affairs of the Country”.

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“In this wise, we throw our weight behind the recommendations of the senate. Mr President should accept and act on the recommendations for the survival of our ailing economy. The Government should also do well to accept responsibility. It’s time the Government stopped shifting blame to the previous Governments. The pauperised and suffering Nigerians only need solution to the crisis and not blame game. We have been vindicated by the unfolding events. We earlier alerted the world that President Buhari is running the Country aground. What is happening today is a reflection of the President inactions to address the situation headlong.”

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