Alarambara, the Yoruba drama series from Unilever Nigeria, makers of Sunlight detergent, returns to Radio stations across South-West Nigeria for its second season this month.
The highly-entertaining program is scheduled to run for 13 episodes of 5 minutes each and will feature entertaining storylines centred around the lives of the lead character, SisiOge and her four friends, as they balance work, relationships, family life and social commitments in their everyday lives.
Speaking on the drama series, Brand Manager, Sunlight, Ojeabuo Akhiojemi said that Alarambara would continue to provide entertainment and invaluable tips and advice on home management and relationships.
“SisiOge and her close-knit circle of friends are young, fun-loving modern women who are always looking for some balance between their business and private lives. They share their tears, joys and relationship issues in a realistic, down-to-earth style that listeners can readily identify with,” Akhiojemi said.
He added that, “The first season of Alarambara was a success and we expect that this edition will be even better. The storylines are not only entertaining, they reflect everyday situations that every woman can relate to, and of course, our listeners have a chance to win prizes when they call in to answer the trivia questions at the end of each episode of the show.”
Alarambara which features notable Nollywood figure MosunFilani as the lead role of SisiOge will air on Positive FM, Akure, Ondo State; Bond FM, Lagos; Unique FM, Osun State and OGBC 2, Ogun State. Other stations include Voice of Ekiti; Splash FM, Oyo state and Midland FM, Kwara.

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