Experts in Nigeria’s movie and music scene have maintained that the entertainment sector stands the chance of becoming Nigeria’s greatest employer of labour if properly boosted.
In a recent interview, renowned singer, Sunny Nneji said that the nation’s creative industry could be a veritable economic booster if it was well structured by the various tiers of government.
Nneji said in Lagos that there was the need for the government to recognise the economic potentials of the entertainment industry.
“Nigeria could use films, music, and performing arts to showcase the impressive spectrum of our awesome art and creativity. We need to put Nigeria on the front-burner of international cultural and artistic excellence.
“For these to take place, Nigeria needs to build a strong legal and financial framework within which the nation’s creativity could be expressed,” he said.
The musician said that apart from the expression of creativity, the work must be protected and used to create jobs, sustain lives and showcase our rich cultural heritage.
He, however, said that the Nigeria’s creative industry would continue to contribute more in GDP and employment.
He added that, “Viable policy measures could help to establish effective copyright protection and enforcement mechanism. Such measures could increase supply of creative and original content by overcoming constraints in the industry.The arts sector is very fundamental to literary, visual, performing and musical arts.
“Nigeria has produced winners in almost all arts, we need to reinvent the whole industry and guard our intellectual properties,” he said.

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