Special Assistant to the Ekiti State Governor on Public Communications
and New Media, Lere Olayinka has said yesterday’s Supreme Court
judgment on the leadership dispute within the Anambra State chapter of
the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), in which the court said it lacked
jurisdiction to review its own judgment should be enough for members
of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ekiti State to stop living
in the illusion that the Supreme Court judgment on the June 21, 2014
governorship election can be reviewed.

He said the judgment ended the APC’s pipedream of returning to power
through an orchestrated review of the Supreme Court judgment that
validated Governor Ayodele Fayose’s election.

Olayinka, who urged APC leaders in the State to stop deceiving their
party members, added that; “with the Supreme Court pronouncement of
yesterday, members of the APC in Ekiti State should know that they
were being deceived all along.”

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Ruling on an application filed by the Independent National Electoral
Commission (INEC), the court had held that “Order 8, Rule 16 of the
Supreme Court expressly stated that the court shall not review its
judgment once giving, except there was a clerical mistake or slip
which in this case, never happened.”

Reacting, the governor’s spokesperson said; “APC should stop fighting
a lost battle and wait till 2018 when the party will again be defeated
by the PDP.”

He said; “They boasted in December 2015 that Governor Fayose will be
removed in February through a review of the Supreme Court judgment
that validated his electoral victory. To sustain the false hope that
they gave to their gullible supporters, they have started inventing
tales of how the governor approached traditional rulers to wade into
the plot to approach the Supreme Court for a review of its judgment.

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“However, the reality of yesterday’s judgment of the Supreme Court
should be dawn on those APC members that their leaders have been
deceiving. Those they have recruited from the PDP to be lying from one
media house to the other should have also realised the futility of
their efforts.

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“It is therefore important that they are again told that, now that
they are faced with the reality of their wasted efforts, they should
stop fighting the wind and return to Ekiti to pick the pieces of their
dead party.”

While urging APC leaders in the State to purge themselves of the “we
must rule by fire by fire force” tendency, Olayinka said; “This
attitude of trying to hold Ekiti State down whenever these APC
elements lose power must stop.

“Power belongs to God and He gives it to whoever He desires. In Ekiti
today, God has given power to Governor Ayodele Fayose and no amount of
falsehood and campaign of calumny can change that.”