For meeting the requirements set by the Standards Organization of Nigeria, SON, Elim BrookeTable Water, a subsidiary of Trans Delta Investment Limited, has been awarded the SON standards certificate.
At a brief ceremony which took place at the SON office in Port Harcourt, where the Mandatory Conformity Assessment Programme certificate was handed over the Managing Director of Trans Delta Company, Mr. Obiene Alex, the state Head of SON, Mr. Papanye Don-Pedro congratulated the bottled water company for braving the odds to earn the SON approval, even as he expressed the hope that it will sustain quality.
“By the certification, he (the MD) is now entitled to inscribe the NIS logo on his product. Each product certified has a unique number.
“Where he decides to go into production of other products, it is expected that he would seek the certification of additional products he has ventured into. This certificate is unique to Elim Brooke Table Water only,” stated the state Head of SON.
The SON boss explained that the approval given to the company is renewable every three years and warned that the MANCAP certification may be withdrawn from the company if discovered that, “you have deviated from the standard that earned you the certification.”
Again, he stated that other conditions which may warrant the withdrawal of the certificate include, “if it is found out that the certificate is applied to other products other than which it was certified, which is this Elim Brooke Table Water….and if you stop producing in the country, the certificate will be withdrawn from you.
Presenting the certificate,Mr. Don-Pedro said: ‘’On behalf of my Director-General, I want to commend you for your achievements and present this certificate to you.”
He informed the company that the SON team will hencefort carry out a quarterly inspection of the company facilities,with a view to ensuring that standards are adhered to.

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