KIDNAPPING is now thriving in the South Western part of the country; before now, it used to be a South East and South South problem. The kidnap of three female secondary school students in Lagos State recently shows the problem we have on our hands. We, therefore, need to work very well so as to bring an end to this evil act before it degenerates further. I want to suggest that kidnap suspects are sentenced to death once they are caught. Houses of Assembly in the South West should enact laws which will make kidnapping punishable by the death sentence alone. Again, when this happens, governors should quickly append to the death sentences so that convicts won’t spend needless years in detention while awaiting the hangman. In our prisons today, we have many death-row inmates spending over 30 years before anything happens to them; we should not encourage this. As soon
as an inmate reaches the limit of his judicial rights, then the sentence should be carried out. This will also help decongest our prisons, which are just so terrible for human habitation. However, before enacting this law, the governments of the region must synergise to ensure that there are jobs for youths. Unemployment is one of the biggest problems facing our youths today. The majority of our youth are well-educated, and when they find themselves doing nothing after leaving school, they take to crime in a bid to survive. South West governments must set the pace in the country. Efforts should be made to create jobs for our youths. A great opportunity lies in the agribusiness sector; it is said that agribusiness can absorb all unemployed youths in the country. South West governors should identify the opportunities in this sector so that jobs can be created for our youths. Dr Tajudeen Alalade, Ilorin, Kwara State

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