Taraba State House of Assembly, which was inaugurated yesterday, has elected its speaker and deputy to lead the eighth assembly.
Mr. Abel Diah of Mbamga state constituency was unanimously elected by members of the House as speaker while Mohammed Danladi Gwampo of Yoro state constituency was elected as the deputy.
Clerk of the House, Ismaila Tentason Ukwen, who administered the oath of office on the leaders of the House, also read the letter of proclamation by the state governor, Darius Ishaku, as provided by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Accepting the mantle of leadership, the new speaker, Mr. Diah told the House that the responsibilities of the office were challenging, but promised to run an open door administration with useful ideas from members.
The speaker, who informed that he had considered himself as a servant of the people, said he would not hesitate to consult where necessary for the development of the state, insisting that all should join hands as the era of politicking was over and development of the state the priority of the people of the state.
He maintained that he was determined not to disappoint the people of the state, calling on the media to be objective in their reportage.
The House also has Joseph Albasu Knini of Lau state constituency as majority leader while the speaker announced that other leadership positionswould be looked into in due course. And the House was adjourned to reconvene on June 15.

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  • simon tor gideon

    Who is a christian by the estimation of `prof` David Iorenem? which university gave him professorship in the first place and on what merit since we know him to be a management consultant based in Makurdi during Aper Aku regime and relocated to Kaduna thereafter for the same business?has he ever taught in any university?These as just bootlickers who believe if it is not them,then no body else.We now know the reason why God did not allow Prof Ugba to rule in Benue state because these people would have milked Benue dry because of their selfish interest or made Benue ungovernable to Ugba.Why should he go back to pdp a political party they told us has nothing to offer?Has the pattern of leadership in pdp change now and how?Until he explains some of these things to some of us we shall not take him seriously.