There is this saying that the reward for work is more work. That is exactly what the governor-elect of Enugu state, Hon Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, is going toface once he is sworn into office in May 29, 2015 to take over from the incumbent and the outgoing governor, Sullivan Chime. Granted, Governor Chime scratched the myriads problems the state is beset with but more and more are needed to be done before the state will truly answer Obodo Oyibo, (whiteman’s land) as the outgoing governor has claimed to have transformed Enugu into.
However, Ugwuanyi seems to be aware of the enormity of work before and has said that he would continue from where Chime will stop with his four-point development agenda. Ugwuanyi while addressing the press recently at a campaign ground said he would build an international market and will open up roads to give access roads to Enugu metropolis and other areas where roads are needed.
For instance, he said he had the mind to construct a road that would shore up the traffic congestion at 9th Mile Corner, Ngwo so that those traveling from the North or Nsukka to Onitsha but do not have need for the 9th Mile can take the new road to their destination without having to pass 9th Mile to witness the traffic logjam that always occurs there.
Talking about road, Ugwuanyi will have to buckle up because most of the roads built by the outgoing administration have started wearing off. Most of them are in bad shape as at filing this report and many more roads will be washed away when the rains come. It was only recently that the government deemed it fit to patch the popular Agbani Road when it noticed that the road was becoming a death trap. Whereas the outgoing government was able to patch Agbani Road, it could not patch or reconstruct Market Road and this has made it a herculean task to drive through Ogbete Market at any point in the day because the dual carriage way has been eaten up by erosion and the outgoing government could not do anything to ameliorate the situation.
Kingsway Road that started from Prison is in bad shape and Ugwuanyi has to fix it because it is right at the heart of the town linking the popular Agbani Road and the ever busy Old Park along Okpara Avenue.
Most of the roads at Independence Layout which is the seat of power because the Lion Building is located at Independence Layout are in very terrible shape and these have to be looked into not to talk of the rural roads that are yawning for attention.
One area Ugwuanyi’s government has to look into is the issue of ailing industries that could give the youth employment. There are so many ailing industries, not to talk of moribund industries in the state hat if half of them are in use or in operation, Enugu State would not be talking about unemployment. As at now, the Flour Mills at Emene is in shambles, Vegetable Oil Nachi has had its factory burnt and Ohebe Dim Aluminum Industries has become home for the lizards.
The popular Hotel Presidential Hotel that served as a relaxation spot, a meeting point and a revenue earner for the state government has closed shop for a long time now and the government is going without putting the place in order whereas private owned hotels are booming. There is no need to mention Adarice that exists in name alone as well as the Oghe
Cashew industry. These are government establishments that could have offered employment and at the same time served as tourist attraction and a revenue earner for the state but they are in shambles now.
The incoming administration under Hon. Ugwuanyi will have to complete the International Conference Centre which Chime’s predecessor, Dr. Chimaroke Nnamani started. When asked why the Centre had not been completed even when the work had reached advanced stage, Governor Chime had always said that it was not his priority and challenged anybody who cared to bring an investor that would invest in the Centre on behalf of the state and with that the fate of the International Conference Centre is thus sealed till this day.
Even till this day, it is only the structure that ex-governor Chimaroke Nnamani left at ESUT permanent site that the University can boast of because Chime had silently proven not to have interest in the physical development of the school. One can recall that there was a time the school closed for seven months because the staff were demonstrating against non-payment of adequate remuneration as well as other things.
The matter had to linger for a long time before Chime reluctantly came to the assistance of the University. Maybe the lack of interest in ESUT could be because ESUT permanent site was built by ex-governor Nnamani but now that Chime is about to go, Ugwuanyi will have to do something about ESUT as a citadel of learning to bring it to standard, world class standard.
Another area Ugwuanyi’s administration will have to look into is the number of touts disturbing the residents of Enugu metropolis.
Today, in Enugu, it is not easy to know who to avoid when on the road because there are many organised touts who claim to be working for government and are wearing different uniforms. Chime’s armies are so numerous that one can hardly count them but only to make some intelligent guesses.
Ministry of Transport, MOT; Easi Park; Enugu Capital Territory Development Authority, ECTDA as well as local government touts who put on different uniforms. All these organisations are on the road to confiscate, impound vehicles, puncture tires, clamp vehicles. This is done in a way that one can easily say that the rich also cry. If any of these Chime armies get at anybody, the person will be ready to cough out between N10,000.00 to N25,000.00 cash. Ugwuanyi has to do something about this before Enugu will become haven for area boys.
Whereas local governments are the third tier of government, in Enugu State, it seems it is existing in name only as the local governments most of the time exist just as salary paying points because the councils hardly carry out any meaningful project. For instance, some local government staff are being owed up to four months while some council areas owe their staff one month. This could be attributed to the money the council staff must have spent during campaigns. Ugwuanyi will have to look into the local governments because even his own local government, Udenu Local Government, is owing its staff for three months now. For the local governments to function, the state will have to oversee them not in terms of tampering with their allocation but even giving them subventions to carry out development projects.
Civil servants in Enugu State are crying out that they are the least paid in the whole federation and Ugwuanyi would warm himself into the hearts of the workers if he should look into their problems and pay them remuneration commensurate with the work they do because the workers don’t have a separate market. The minimum wage being paid to Enugu civil servants is said to be below expectation and the governor-elect must do something about this.

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