Healthy Anambra, OCHA,
an agency set up to restore
sanity to the streets and
markets in conjunction
with other security
agencies have commenced
the decongestion operation
across the state.
Chief Kenneth Okonkwo,
Managing Director of
OCHA told Nigerian Pilot
yesterday in Awka that
the operation had become
expedient as most streets in
the major towns of Awka,
Onitsha and Nnewi had
been taken over by traders.
Okonkwo stated that touts
and illegal toll collectors
were increasing the cost of
doing business in the state
as well as taking what was
due to government in terms
of revenue for personal
He said OCHA brigade
was out to carry out the
mandate given to it upon
establishment which
included, restoration of
orderliness and discipline,
eradication of street trading
and hawking.
He further said the agency
would combat touting,
illegal tax collection and
also ensure residents
complied with tax laws
and remittances to the
The MD further said the
enforcement will comprise
the Operation Kpochapu
outfit made up of the Army,
Police, Nigerian Navy and
Civil Defence Corps.
“Our enforcement unit
has a mandate to facilitate
improvement in our
quality of life by enforcing
discipline, cleanliness,
and excellent tax payment
structure in the state.
“We also discovered
that some people engage
in illegal tax collection
and IGR by intimidation,
maltreatment and fear
while others fail to
renew their tax with the
government, this must
stop, enough is enough,”
he said.
In his remark, Col
Mohammed Bello,
Commander of 302
Artillery, Onitsha said
the Army would continue
to assist Anambra state
government in their efforts
to achieve a state that is
peaceful and secure.
Bello recalled the effort
of the security forces
at ensuring that the
previously notorious
Upper Iweka roundabout
was now a place that
people could move around
anytime of the day without
He however urged his
men to accompany the
enforcers and refrain from
any act that was not part
of their mandate especially
harassing and molesting
innocent citizens.
The first phase of the one
week long enforcement
exercise commenced in the
commercial city of Onitsha

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