Accident Investigation Bureau, AIB, yesterday released a preliminary report into the Bristow Helicopter crash of August 12, in Lagos, stating that technical problems might have contributed to it.
Speaking at its Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos office, the Commissioner of AIB, Dr. Felix Abali, however, noted that the cause of the crash was yet to be determined, as investigation is still ongoing.
Abali stated that some components of the aircraft like the push rod which was supposed to stay together pulled out in the course of the flight.
According to him, “the control pushrod tube separated from the control rod end with the bearing and Jamnut, the Jamnut was loose and was not seating against the control rod. The failure of the pushrod assembly could result in loss of main rotor or tail rotor flight control and consequent loss of control of the helicopter,’’ Abali said.
The AIB commissioner urged the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA, to immediately carryout appropriate oversight action on all Sikorsky S-76 series helicopters flying in Nigeria to ensure the implementation of the Emergency Airworthiness Directives, EAD, and Alert Service Bulletin, ASB, issued by FAA and Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation.
According to him, the outcome of AIB’s preliminary investigation resulted in the following: “On September 10, Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation issued ASB 76-67-57 on all S-76 model helicopters equipped with Control Pushrod Assembly P/N 76400-0034-059 and 76400-00014-071.
‘‘Purpose: To perform a onetime inspection of installed Forward, Aft and Lateral Main Servo Input Control Pushrods, Jamnuts and Tail Servo Input Control Pushrods and Jamnuts for proper installation, condition and security, followed by the application of slippage mark on all Main and Tail Servo Input Control Pushrod Jamnuts.
‘‘Compliance: Compliance is essential. The instructions outlined herein shall be accomplished prior to next flight originating from a maintenance facility or not to exceed five flight hours from the issued date of this ASB.”

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