United States of America, USA, has again appraised the security situation in Nigeria and predicted that President-elect, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, might face more challenges in protecting the people against terrorism threats when he takes over government on May 29.
In a statement issued by the African Regional Media Hub of the Stats Department of State in Lagos yesterday, US Secretary of State, Mr. John Kerry, said that the principal challenge that will face the incoming administration will be the protection of Nigerians against terrorists.
Kerry made the assertion after signing a Memorandum of Cooperation to support disease control and prevention in Africa with the African Union, AU in Washington DC.
He however assured Nigeria that the American government would continue to support the country and the African continent in the fight against terrorism.
The statement reads: “One of the principal challenges facing the new government in Abuja will be that of protecting Nigerian citizens from the terrorism threat. The US endorses the effort by the AU and its partners to establish a multinational taskforce to halt Boko Haram’s campaign within and beyond Nigeria’s borders.
“We will also continue generally to help African governments to improve their counterterrorism and border security capabilities,’’ he said, and expressed the US government’s commitment to promoting cordial relationships with African countries.
Kerry added that the government had learnt that diplomatic and peacekeeping initiatives in Africa work best when they were African-driven, adding that, “There are opportunities and challenges at the same time. In recent years, we have learned that diplomatic and peacemaking initiatives in Africa work best when they are African-led. But the US and the broader international community can still help and we are prepared to do so.’’

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