Apparently considering the wealth of experience of retired military officers, the Nigerian military has pleaded for their support in the fight against Boko Haram.
The military stressed that it is time for the retired officers to give back what they have benefited from several national and international trainings while in service.
The Commandant of the National Defence College, Rear Admiral Samuel Alade, made the appeal in Abuja yesterday during the meeting of the 27th regular course with retired and serving officers.
Alade said the current security challenges faced by Nigeria required the support of retired officers who have benefited much from the country, and therefore ‘they cannot stand aloof and watch only their colleagues who are still in service to battle the problem of insecurity’.
“Our country today is facing security, economic and social challenges. As great patriots that we are, it is our responsibility to proffer necessary solutions to the challenges.
“I admonish all of us to continue to assuage the feelings of the families of our deceased colleagues to keep their hopes alive,” Rear Admiral Alade stressed.
A representative of the retired officers at the event, urged the military to be united in purpose until the country is completely rid of terrorists.

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