Diaspora Monitoring Group has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to intensify effort on the on-going war against terrorism in the country, with a view to achieving the December deadline of crushing the insurgents terrorising the nation.
The group in a statement signed by its leader, Comarde Philip Agbese, expressed satisfaction with the success recorded so far, noting that the fulfilment of the promise would ensure confidence on his government.
While lauding the collaboration with regional partners and international organisations in achieving the great feat, the group said Nigeria would one day reclaim its lost glory.
According to the statement, “We appreciate the pivotal role intelligence has played in the winning of battles, the recent publication of the most wanted names of these terrorists are clear indication that our armed forces have woken up from their slumber and really engaging in strategic warfare to capture them alive.
“This is laudable and should be encouraged by all Nigerians by volunteering useful information to the security agencies,” he said.
The group said the recent overhaul and strategic engineering of the nation’s intelligence system by the present administration was not only a thing of joy to Diasporas Nigerians but a key strategy that had been welcomed by international partners and actors.
“It is to this end also that we suggest that the platform under Buhari must undergo a reform that can make it operate like the CIA or MI,” the statement added.
It would be recalled that the president had directed the service chiefs to brace up and team up with other stakeholders to come up with a well-coordinated effort that would end Boko Haram insurgency within three months.
The president had in August directed service chiefs that in the course of crushing the insurgents, they must be accountable for all men and equipment placed under their command.
He said: “While commending the efforts of the armed forces so far, you need to brace up and continue to team up with other stakeholders to come up with a well-coordinated joint effort which will bring a desired end to the insurgency within three months.
“In the course of carrying out this assignment, you must be accountable for all men and equipment placed under your command. Your troops’ welfare must be uppermost in your mind. Take care of them and make available what is due to them.”
Buhari also directed the service chiefs to make concerted efforts “to make judicious use of resources” available to them in search of the solution to the current security challenges.