A BILL to discourage
masturbation among male folks
has been proposed in the United
States of America by a female
Jessica Farrar
A Texas lawmaker has
proposed a bill that would
fine a man $100 each time
he masturbates. The bill also
imposes a 24-hour waiting
period if a guy wants a
colonoscopy or a vasectomy, or
if he’s in the market for some
Rep. Jessica Farrar, a Democrat,
knows her bill isn’t going to get
very far. But she proposed it last
week to make a point and give
male lawmakers a taste of their
own medicine.
Farrar has long been an
advocate of women’s health
in a state that has made it
extremely difficult for women
to get abortions. And the bill,
by pointing out a sexist double
standard, is meant to shine a
light on the obstacles women
deal with when it comes to their
health care.
Farrar’s bill would penalize
men for masturbation because
such behaviour is a failure to
preserve the sanctity of life
and “an act against an unborn

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