The church needs to stand for the truth and guide our nation - Evangelist Ogwuche — Nigerian Pilot News
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The church needs to stand for the truth and guide our nation – Evangelist Ogwuche



The Calebites Conference is an annual gathering of believers and lovers of the gospel of Jesus Christ from all over the world at Okpo, Olamaboro Local Government Area of Kogi State, Nigeria. It is an arm of God’s Care Mission founded by Evangelist Sunday Ogwuche, a notable cleric who by all measure is humility personified. Out of his very tight schedule, our Features Editor, SAMUEL ODAUDU who attended this year’s annual conference that held last month had a rare opportunity to speak with him on his ministry and mission in Okpo. Excerpts:
Evangelist Sunday Ogwuche 

Sir, may I meet you and how you came about this huge ministry called God’s Care Mission?

Evangelist Sunday Ogwuche is my name and I am based here in Okpo in Olamaboro Local Government of Kogi State. Some years ago, I resigned my appointment with the Kogi State government as a lecturer with the College of Education, Ankpa. Earlier, I was a lecturer at the Benue State Polytechnic, Ugbokolo, but after the creation of Kogi State I moved to Kogi State where I lectured at the College of Education, from where I resigned my appointment to go into full time ministry that God committed into my hands. God asked me to come here at Okpo from where He will send me to the nations of the earth and that He will also bring people from different nations of the earth to meet me here to be impacted.
What specific assignment did God asked you to come and do here at Okpo?
God sent us to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ in order to bring salvation to sinners, heal the sick, deliver the oppressed and to bring deliverance to the land itself and we have experienced this to some extent. We came to this place in August 1992 when we held the first Calebites Conference, our ministry’s annual convention. The process of looking for accommodation also gave me a clear picture of what the land of Okpo looked like. I saw several uncompleted buildings and when I asked about the owners, they said the owners were dead. Then I discovered that it is a land that eats up her inhabitants; a land that fights any good thing or any good course. But to the glory of God, today, houses are springing up everywhere everyday. I have been here for about twenty six years now. This hunger for the ministry was put in my heart by God to become a channel of bringing back His revival in the lives of the people. That is exactly what we are experiencing here.
As a spiritual father, when you see people getting healed while you minister, people being delivered and they shed tears of joy, when you see their lives being transformed by the power of the word of God you speak, how does that make you feel? 
For me as a person, that is the greatest reward for my labour. It gives me overwhelming joy and it reassures me of God’s faithfulness to His commitment to my life when He called me. It reassures me that I am indeed His channel to bringing His loving care to humanity. When I see Him show His love, heal the sick, deliver the oppressed and set the captives free, my heart is overwhelmed with joy and I return all the glory to Him.
During the worship and ministration in the last session of the programme, there was what I would describe in my own understanding as the manifest presence of God. As a church, how can we bring down the manifest presence of God in our midst each time we gather?
God manifests His presence where He is present. God’s presence can never be manifested where God is not present. And how can God be present in a place if men and women who carry His presence are not there? He manifests His presence through them. God is holy and holiness is His habitation. As the scripture says, ‘Holiness is become your habitation for ever’. The place where God is comfortable to dwell is His sanctuary that is holy; the heart that is holy; the environment that is holy. And when He dwells in such a place, any opportunity for Him to manifest Himself, He does that. If a man desires to be in the presence of God, then that man must have a relationship with God. That person must sincerely and genuinely clean up from anything that defiles; anything that can turn the presence of God away. When God is called on, served, and lived for, He manifests Himself because He knows that whatever He does, the glory comes back to Him.
From all indications, this ministry has achieved quite a lot. As the visioner, where do you see this ministry, say in the next ten years?
If the Lord will tarry to come – that sounds very heavy in my mouth because all signs are proving that He will return any time soon. The stage is almost set for His appearance. But if God in His infinite mercy and wisdom decides to give the church more time till the next ten years, we believe God to see more souls saved through evangelistic crusades through Calebite Conference in all nations and other specialized meetings we hold. We expect more ministers blessed through our ministers conference; we expect more ministers trained in more nations through our Bible school; we trust God that Evergreen University would have taken off. That will be another platform for touching lives from different parts of this nation and other nations in the world. That will also give us more opportunities to minister to more widows, more orphans and more less-privileged people that are dropping out of school and are suffering diverse afflictions across this our nation and other surrounding nations. Then our commitment towards excellent education will maximize. We have a primary and secondary school and our pupils and students are contesting favourably with students with pupils in Lagos, Abuja and other parts of the nation.
What gave birth to the idea of education venture by the ministry?
One of the reasons why we started primary school was because many years ago when we moved to this place, pupils would graduate but they could not write their names; they could not speak, read and write and the only reason we could give to it is because they was no good school. On a second thought, we felt that it should not be a disadvantage that one is located in the village if that is where you should be at a particular time of your life. So we told God that, whatever is available in the city, we would bring it to the villagers at little or no cost; I mean affordable cost to the villagers and thus far, God has helped us. Several of our pupils have gone for competitions like Air Force School examinations, they succeeded with great ease. One of our pupils that finished from Air Force School graduated with so many As; he credited all his papers. They are competing favourably with children who attend big schools in the cities where they pay school fees of hundreds of thousands of Naira. We are grateful to God that our efforts are not in vain. It is the same thing with the secondary school. We are about the only secondary school in the local government where students write WAEC by themselves. Most of the schools depend on cheating, but our staffs teach the students, they write the exams and they pass. We believe God that we will be able to help people and touch more lives if God gives us more time.
How regular is the Calebites Conference and how is it possible for you to feed and accommodate such a large crowd of delegates who come from different parts of the world free of charge?
With God, all things are possible. God has always provided more than enough to feed the participants. We have special guests and thousands of other delegates that attend our conference. We have guest houses and hostel accommodation facilities. There are some accommodation facilities that are very wonderful and comfortable; others may not be as comfortable as your home. But participants are so happy for the privilege they have to receive God’s word and be affected positively by the power of God so any little inconvenience they may experience for a few days have never been an issue. They value their encounter with God above any other consideration, all to the glory of God, the One who sent me on this mission.
There are many who are asking about the role of the church in the society like ours. As one of the fathers of faith in our country today, are you satisfied with the influence of the church on our country, Nigeria?
The church is supposed to be a source of light in the midst of darkness we are experiencing as a nation. The church is supposed to be a beacon of hope in the hopeless season we seem to be going through as a nation. The church is supposed to be the source of truth; a guiding light to our nation. But I think that to some extent, the church is trying, but we are not yet measuring up to the expectations that God expects us in this nation because of compromises here and there where men consider selfish pursuit as more important than national interest. Certain individuals are satisfied with what they can gain than what will benefit the entire nation. That is affecting us as a nation and we really need God’s mercy. The church will need to wake up, stand for the truth, consider the salvation of the nation than denominational benefit, or individual benefit.

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