HISTORY was made in
Bauchi on April 11, 2015
when Barrister Muhammad
Abubakar, who was ranked
an outsider prior to the
election, defeated the
candidate backed by the
then incumbent governor,
Isa Yuguda to become the
fifth elected governor of
the state.
The election of the
governor has been greeted
with mixed reactions.
While many people in the
state celebrated his victory
especially for bringing to
an end the era of the PDP
administration in the state,
others say they feel pity for
the new governor given
the herculean task ahead
of him and several hurdles
that await him and which he
must cross successfully.
In his maiden broadcast
to the people after swearing
in, Governor Abubakar said
the previous administration
of Governor Isa Yuguda
literally lived at the expense
of Bauchi state populace for
the last eight years and has
accrued liabilities especially
the cumulative external and
domestic debts to the tune
of over N125 billion. This
has since been refuted by
the former governor, who
clarified the matter by saying
that he only left behind a
N22 billion debt, which
he also said he inherited
from the Adamu Mu’azu’s
government in 2007. It is a fact that the present
administration in the state
despite the fact it was
massively voted by the
people of the state has a lot of
hurdles to cross before it can
begin to talk of delivering on
the high expectations.
The first hurdle the
administration is finding
difficult in the appointment
of credible people; that
is putting square pegs in
square holes. As at the time
of writing this piece, the new
administration in over than
two weeks was only able
to appoint the ADC to the
governor while the position
of the Secretary to the State
Government (SSG) that is
been lobbied by about 10
people and Chief of Staff are
still been awaited.
The governor is said to be
secretly securitizing those
to be appointed as SSG and
commissioners and other
political appointees, so that
professional services will be
delivered to the people of the
state. Although he has made
it clear that he would not
make the mistakes made by
the previous administration
in appointing over 500
political aides where more
than half collected salary but
without any schedule.
Bauchi people expect the
new governor to appoint
credible people who have
good records to serve as
commissioners and other
necessary political aides,
while he should consider
merging some ministries
and parastatals to avoid
duplications and at the same
time to reduce cost.
The second hurdle facing
the new administration is
the lack of funds, which was
clearly stated by the new
governor, saying from records
available to him apart from
the foreign and domestic
loans of over N60 billion,
there is gratuity arrears of
over N14 billion for both
state and local governments,
while three months salary of
the state civil servants stood
at over N5 billion, despite
the N864 billion excluding
Ecological fund that accrued
to the state within the last
eight years.
The governor said he
inherited an empty treasury
from his predecessor and he
has about four major issues that need urgent attention,
ranging from procurement of
fertilizer as the rainy season
has since commenced but
he was left with 1200 tons
against the minimum of
20,000 tons required for this
farming season. Sourcing
and payment of outstanding
of over N572million
government subsidy in
accommodation of state
pilgrims for Hajj operations,
payment of unpaid workers
salaries which is about
N5.2billion and payment of
direct school feeding system.
The third hurdle awaiting
the governor is the high
expectation of the people of
the state, considering that
despite the effort of the last
PDP administration especially
in building new international
airport, specialist hospital in
the state and provision of 1000
new car loans to the state civil
servants, they were massively
voted out of office on simple
reasons that they did not
perform to the expectation of
the people.
Therefore Governor
Abubakar has to map out
strategies especially the
projects he wants to embark
upon before the next three
years that will give confidence
to the people of the state to
vote him for the second term.
He should avoid fire brigade
approach as people of the
state are very wary about that.
The governor should make effort to create
new roads
within the
state capital,
provision of
water supply,
c o m p l e t e
the multi
billion naira
power plant,
r e m o v e
the state
from waste
d u m p i n g
ground to
a clean city
that will be
by all because
the present
situation is
very harmful
as observed
by President
Buhari in one
of his visit to the state and
try to address the youth
restiveness in the state in
collaboration with security
Also the governor should
fulfill his promise of
providing full autonomy
to local governments’
council in the state but
with proper monitoring
of their activities aimed at
providing development at
the grassroots level that can
be celebrated by majority of
The last hurdle also
awaiting the new
administration is the
challenges of facing
opposition parties that
will be ready to capitalize
on any mistake of the
present administration to
drive some points. The
new administration of M.A
Abubakar should be ready
for constructive criticism
from opposition parties as
well as people of the state
aimed at keeping him on
his toes and moving the
state forward.
In conclusion the people
of the state should not
only fold their arms and
watch as observers after
massively voting the
government in power but
instead should rally round
the present administration
by supporting it with
prayers and suggestions
that will move the state

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