Several achievements beckon in Edo State
since the inception of the administration
of Governor Godwin Obaseki. This is no
doubt laudable beyond the stewardship
rendered to the people after the first
100 days. Needless to count or list what has
been achieved or accomplished by the new
government within this short period, truly
speaking, there is a new systematic governance
paradigm shift that is devoid of media laundering
and skewed advertorial propaganda. As it were,
the new governance style in the Heart Beat state
is akin to a silent, modest management method
of a technocrat in the person of Mr Obaseki.
This undoubtedly encapsulates so many
unheard attainments being recorded. From
constructing and rehabilitating artery roads in
the state capital that have been neglected and in
deplorable condition, through to the registration
so far of over a 100 thousand unemployed
youths, from the 200,000 jobs promised by the
government in the next four years. We note that
those already captured after due registration
will soon be deployed to strategic areas of needs
across the state, thus railroading towards a
better Edo clime.
Again, the government recently announced the
appointment of 192 special advisers from the 192
political wards in the state. This development
beyond heart-warming heralds a new approach
towards reducing unemployment rate in the
state. Imagine engaging 192 unemployed persons
in one fell swoop; it’s a break and innovative,
especially when the beneficiaries will operate
from their locales and serve as government
platforms, channels and intermediaries between
her (government) and the governed.
In truth, before now this was not so, as special
advisers were sheer political jobbers, whether
literate or illiterate. Majority of them, according
to reports, were even political thugs, ballot box
snatchers who were appointed as a result of
what they delivered towards the party’s success,
and not based first and foremost on integrity,
capacity to deliver on the new appointment or
job. This has really changed in the new exemplar
designed by Governor Obaseki. Further reports
indicate that the Dennis Osadebey Way seat
of Edo government has changed both in
physical outlook and administrative style of
governance. There is no loitering any longer
in the premises, from security details to the
least staff in government house; everyone now
conducts his or herself in orderly manner. The
usual visits by sycophants and political jobbers
have stopped. Vehicles in the governor’s
convoy are neatly parked as against previous
rowdiness unbefitting of a seat of government.
Cow duns no longer litter the GRAs. In these
few periods, we note with all sincerity that the
Governor Obaseki administration has shown
integrity, reputable and reasonable commitment
to governance. This is notwithstanding prompt
payment of salaries and monthly pensions,
as well as approach to strategic development
in other sectors of the state like commerce,
agriculture, power, the Azzurri plant and the
industrial sector.
However, we urge the governor to quicken the
compilation, review and final payment of new
pensioners as well as previous batches, 10, 11
and others who were unable to tender yellow
forms during the 2015 payment exercise. It is no
fault of theirs because the previous government
shut the pension board office. And as a caring
and listening government in real action, we
again plead that this group be also taken care of
alongside those that will be paid soon.
Although it is true that the Obaseki
administration was sworn-in Saturday,
November 12 and on Monday, November 14,
the governor and his team started work after
meetings with critical stakeholders, including
the bureaucrats. That consensus perhaps resulted
to a six-point plan or agenda that is making Edo
work again. We welcome this paradigm shift
and urge other states to emulate the Obaseki
and Shaibu model who in less than one year in
office are sowing positive and progressive seeds
and growth signs in the heart beat state.