It is no longer a secret that the underground electioneering campaigns for the chairmanship position of the various local government seats in Lagos State have already commenced. The fact is that, this third-tier arm of government is so sensitive and paramount to the people and the politics behind the position cannot be ignored since the principal aim of any local government is to make appropriate services and development activities responsive to local wishes and initiatives.
And as a student of the political history of the constituency and Nigeria in general, my attention and focus have always been on the happenstance in the state and particularly Yaba Local Council Development Area of Lagos State since its creation by the former governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu in1999. The Nigerian constitution only recognised 20 local governments in the state but as its population statistics kept on increasing on an hourly basis and development seemed not to be matching the needs and expectations of the people, especially at the grassroots level, the governor then, with his political sagacious wit, decided to use the instrumentality of office to create additional 37 local council development areas to fast track development, even though it was a thug of war with the then President Olusengun Obasanjo, who insisted that the ‘status quo’ must statutorily be maintained.
It is also no longer news that Yaba LCDA was carved out of Mainland Local Government but it is still amazingly surprising, though true, that since the creation of the LCDA and even when it was part of Mainland Local Government, no Christian has been given the privilege and support by the ruling party in the state to be chairman of Mainland LGA, Prince Kayode Olowu, till the immediate past chairman, Mr. Jide Jimoh, are all Muslims even though we have two predominant religions, Christianity and Islam who make up the party.
I will not like to be misquoted in this contest, what I am saying here is that Christians have been marginalised by the leadership of the party because I personally believe that the Muslims are more active in partisan politics than their counterparts (my personal opinion) or maybe I should have said “in the West” or in the constituency – Yaba LCDA. However, I stand to be corrected.
My final submission here is that justice and equity regarded as equality before the law is not an abstract ideal but it should be demonstrated in our human relationships and tolerance for one another’s feelings. This is why I absolutely believe that the two sides of the coin should be seen as equal.
In conclusion therefore, without being biased, but for equity and fair play to be seen as preached and especially in this dispensation of ‘change,’ while we wait to see and know the gladiators vying for the chairmanship positions in Lagos State, I pray the APC leadership in Yaba LCDA gives the party ticket to a deserving Christian, who is filled with the spirit of excellence, the opportunity and support to steer the affairs of the LCDA in the next dispensation.

Adebanjo is the MD/CEO, Gallant Systems, Lagos

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