Despite the thriving modelling businesses in most countries of world, former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, Miss Afoma Fiona Amuzie has said there is actually no modelling industry in Nigeria.
In an interview with Nigeria Pilot, she explained that modelling exists in Nigeria but the industry is not organised.
“I don’t think there is a modelling industry in Nigeria. There are so many individuals who are trying to make the business of modelling work in Nigeria but it is not yet organised.”
She added that in other parts of the world, people take on modelling as a career and they excel because there it exists as an organised business with eligible structures.
According to the queen, the sizes being taken into consideration for one to pass as a beauty queen or model matters a lot. “Certainly there are criteria for being a beauty queen. Being beautiful starts from the soul and it reflects outside of you. I have seen so many fat women grow very beautiful and they look gorgeous. But one can’t deny the fact there is a standard for being a beauty queen. I am so happy that today we have pageants that celebrate different categories of people. We have the “Bold and Beautiful Pageant” and I feel like these pageants are ways of expressing different kinds of beauty. Michael Jackson propagated this notion in his song when he said you are beautiful no matter how you look; short, black, white, brown or fat, I mean we are all beautiful.”
Amuzie added that, she never had to sleep her way to the crown.
“I never did that. I heard such stories and it is frightening. I think this is not just about the beauty pageant world but it has a lot to do with the stigma that a woman has to use her body to get what she wants. Many people think that before a woman gets to a certain position; she has to sleep her way through it. This is not true. However, there are some things, which can’t be explained because it was a blessing for me. When I entered the competition, I did not know anybody and I did not have to sleep with anybody. It was an absolutely free and fair competition.”

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