FIXING Nigeria and making her great ordinarily shouldn’t be a big deal.All it takes to achieve is gathering pragmatic individuals,thinkers, eggheads and patriots with the right dose of discipline. With discipline in place, other virtues will easily fall in line. That Nigeria is in crisis makes it even more compelling to identify the right calibre of people and bring them together on a rescue mission. President Muhammadu Buhari is in trouble; he needs assistance to get out of danger. Until the right combination of persons is gathered to bridge the missing link, we’ll continue to move and grapplein darkness,going round and roundas in circle but without making real progress. There shouldn’t be any hesitation in getting the people who’re genuinely worried and want to take positive action to grow and develop Nigeria.This is the time for ‘we can do it spirit’ to manifest; the era of lip service is gone. The truth though is that the men and women who have the ability to make Nigeria truly great have always been around. The problem has always also been the environment we’re in; the human,nay Nigerian factor has perpetually kept Nigeria down. It pains to recall that we’ve had more than our share of leadership deficit because the right persons have unfortunately not been in the helm of affairs. Leadership and followership have for long not come to appreciate the place of discipline in our spheres of life. The first time discipline came into the front burner of national discourse, it merely crept in, through the barrel of the gun, in the first coming of Muhammadu Buhari in 1983 when he was installed as military head of state. But then, it was an era of forced discipline, the military style. Because discipline can’t be decreed into real existence, it should be internalised and become part of one’s being, when the government was shoved aside, the people walked out on their different old ways. Being not fashionable, military action has since been replaced by democratic culture. It’s surprising that a Buhari, the reputed crusader for discipline has totally abandoned the fight against indiscipline, and is talking only of corruption. But between indiscipline and corruption, any discerning mind knows that the greater evil is the former. Why then should emphasis be on fighting corruption instead of on instilling discipline, the absence of which gives room for the thriving of the latter?There has been undue emphasis on other things than the absence of discipline in virtually every thing we do.There is overemphasis on anti-corruption crusade to the abandonment of discipline. If only we can immerse ourselves in discipline, it’ll become very easy to understand that corruption now mouthed by everybody is a product of indiscipline. There isn’t any country without corruption. The difference is that in some places, corruption is punished when it’s noticed. The issues that have resulted from PMB’s style of governance are many,touching, unpleasant and unhelpful. Government functionaries don’t seem to understand this asthe Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment, Dr Okechukwu Enelamah has proved. He spoke recently of how extremely hungry for local and foreign investments Nigeria has become, and that the Federal Government was doing everything possible to attract investors, particularly foreign direct investments FDIs. He didn’t realise or pretended not to,that the first thing that should have been done is to discourage PMB from shooting down Nigeria. PMB has made great effort in running down the country in his insatiable foreign trips. There has been no way he hasn’t foul-mouthed Nigeria. In his efforts to look good, he’s run all kinds of negative commentaries against Nigeria.For sure, he has communication problems;he has said things he didn’t mean and meant things he didn’t say. It took an Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala to bring to our consciousness, the real implications of PMB’s foul-mouthing. How can the chief marketing officer of Nigeria indulge in constant bashing of his country as if he’s in competition to win some laurels on country-bashing? It didn’t occur to him and his advisers that denigrating Nigeria meant sending dangerous signals to the outside world that Nigeria isn’t a place to do any business. Conversely, the Senate President, Dr Bukola Saraki has done better in this instance. The other day, Saraki said he would continue to market Nigeria, that he wouldn’t label Nigeria as corrupt even though there have been instances of such malfeasance.Saraki said he

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