Maritime stakeholder and chief executive of the Maritime Media Limited, Elder Asu Beks has come out in defence of the Cargo Tracking Note recently introduced by the Nigeria Shippers Council, insisting that importers and manufacturers opposed to it had something to hide.
“Must we always oppose every government policy? Is there anywhere in the world where trade practices are not regulated by government? he queried.
Beks, who was reacting to a statement credited to the director general of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria, MAN, Remi Ogunmefun, advised that rather than blame the government for this novel idea, MAN should call its members to play by the rules by making proper and accurate declaration of their imports.
According to him, “The cargo tracking note is a platform introduced by government to ascertain the origin, quantity and quality of shipment destined for Nigeria. Its introduction by the government stems from the increasing wave of outright falsification of import documents leading to under declaration.”
He added: “This new model also helps to track the actual destination of cargo mid sea.”
According to Asu, every well meaning Nigerian should commend President Mohammed Buhari for the reintroduction of this scheme which was jettisoned in 2013 barely a couple of months after its take off.
“The advantages of the CTN are enormous. First and foremost it will reduce to the barest minimum cargo disappearing mid sea and secondly, it will help deal with the wave of revenue loss to government as a result of fraudulent practices by importers and their agents. All importers who do legitimate business at the ports need not worry about its introduction,” Beks said

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