Endless killings of Christians across the country are to say the least worrisome and worsening. In the last couple of months, several Christians have been murdered in annoying circumstances. That is what the situation regrettably, has turned out to be: It is a gory situation of increasing spate of killings of fellow human being by fellow humans instead of an appreciable decrease of the heinous crimes against one another, nevertheless, without efforts by the authorities to stem the tide.
According to available records, it shows that that there have been multiple cases of attacks by Muslim fundamentalists as well as Fulani herdsmen on Christians and the various Christian communities across the nation.
Only last week, a 42 year old preacher and mother of seven, Mrs. Eunice Elisha was brutally killed in Kubwa, a satellite town of Abuja while on Christian evangelism. About a month ago, another 74 –year- old Christian, Mrs. Bridget Agbahime from Owerri, Imo State was gruesomely murdered at Wambaii market in Kano following an altercation with a Muslim man who performed ablution in front of her shop.
Her offence was that she objected to the Islamic rite in front of her business premises. She was killed when the man raised a false alarm that the woman blasphemed. A clergy man of the Envangelical Church of West Africa, ECWA, Rev. Zakariya was killed on his farm in Nasarawa State by assailants suspected to be Fulani herdsmen. In the latter case, he was butchered; his legs, arms and head were chopped off.
Again there are indications of fresh attacks by the Fulani herdsmen militia who are once more back on rampage against farmers in Benue State. Recent media reports indicate that no less than 81 people have been killed in multiple attacks in Logo and Ukum areas of Benue State. The killings are more and profound, almost occurring on monthly basis.
However coming against this irrationality, it is a known fact about the magnitude of the devastation that these mindless killings against Christians in the south east, south /south and the south west zones of the country, have caused and still ravaging the families of victims, talk less of the relentlessness of the Boko Haram insurgency and the consequence on Christian families in the middle belt and southern Bornu, Yobe, and Adamawa States.
For instance, what will be the fate of the 8 children left behind by the late woman evangelist who was killed in Kubwa Abuja, in whose care, we may ask the growing up and fending for the children will lay, ditto Mrs. Agbahime and several Christian mothers who are victims of unprovoked and mindless attacks.
Though the law enforcement agencies may always launch investigation and subsequent arrests and possible prosecution each time there is public outcry over killings of Christians which has become ‘one killing too many,’ but truly speaking, the attacks have become unbearable, serial with little or nothing done by the authorities .
While we observe that the assailants are still unrepentant, in addition to the inaction of the authorities to rise to the occasion and defend Christians nationwide, we join the high ranking umbrella body of Christians nationwide, the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, to urge the faithful to be ready always to defend themselves against further attacks.
According to a CAN statement signed by the General Secretary, Rev Musa Asabe, it said; “the unprovoked attacks on Christians and the authority’s inaction is becoming unbearable and may not be tolerated any longer. In as much as we will continue to call on Christians to remain tolerant and law abiding, it is becoming inevitable to also call on them to buckle up and be ready to defend themselves against these incessant unprovoked and mindless attacks”. While we share in this position,
in fact, we reiterate that at this juncture, this is the only path to thread now since this administration remains adamant to the wanton attack on innocent Nigerians who are non Muslims. We see it as an aberration of the Muhammadu Buhari’s administration against Christians .The lukewarm attitude and response by this administration often times when Christians are killed, is irrational and therefore raise our voice in support of CAN’s position, that ‘’ the discrimination against non Muslims in Nigeria under the Buhari administration is assuming a dangerous dimension that should not be left to the vagaries of time and circumstances to resolve.
Accordingly, let Christians henceforth defend themselves, it is time to stop the beat, (the ugly attacks) and allow common sense prevail. And that time is now!