There is no doubt that the beauty of a house lies in the quality of paint used for its finishing. Paint adds value and beauty to both new and old buildings.
In Nigeria, especially in the south-east region, celebrations such as naming ceremony, house warming, marriage, and even in most cases burial seems incomplete without giving the house a new look by painting.
Apart from celebrations, people of different class usually maintain their status based on the look of their structure and surroundings by planting flowers and painting their house. This, according to Mr. Collins Ugwuanyi , depends largely on one’s personality.
“The kind of house you live in tells the kind of person you are. Although I live in a rented apartment, but I get irritated when I see dirty walls. It is important for one to renew the look of his house once in a year no matter what it will cost.
“House painting when done properly can enhance the beauty of your property a hundred fold. The reverse is also true. When your home painting is poorly executed, the beauty and style of the house diminishes significantly,” said Ugwuanyi.
Speaking to Sunday Pilot, Mr. Felix Nwedu, a paint dealer, said though painting a house could be expensive, but added that paints are of different types and one can go for more affordable ones. The different types of paints, according to him, include emulsion, texture or textcote, flexcote and marble trowel paints etc. He said paints can be produced at a cottage, small, medium and large scale levels, this gives an opportunity to choice.
However, house painting business is among the cheapest and easiest to start because it is one of the businesses that do not require any formal education before going into, as long as you have the skill and ready to give in all your best to meet up with the competition in the industry.
Mr. Simon Igwe said house painting can allow any entrepreneur who does not have enough capital to start operating in a very small scale and to actually kick off right from his home, with initial startup costs less than N10, 000. The fact is that because it is a relatively easy business to start, there is a heavy competition in the industry and a lot of people get into trouble for not properly preparing for it.
It is therefore important to create a business plan, determine your company’sspecialisation and create a company image that sets you apart from the competition and attracts your target market before starting painting business.
In planning, it is important that an entrepreneur decides whether he will do interior painting, exterior painting or a combination.
Outline the services you will provide and include areas of specialisation, such as color consultation, stenciling or murals. Determine the target market for your business, whether it is apartment building owners, owners of historic homes or homeowners in typical, middle-class neighborhoods. Research other local house painting companies to see how well they are meeting your target market’s needs.
Make a list of ways that you can distinguish yourself from competitors through lower prices, faster or specialised services or design expertise. Include a section in your business plan that describes your marketing plans, pricing and supplies.
After the planning, the next step is to name your house painting business. Choose a name that stands out and communicates your business’s unique focus and image. For example, if you specialise in painting historic homes, incorporate this idea into your business name.
Collect equipment and supplies. Gather ladders, paint trays, drop cloths and most importantly, a variety of rollers and brushes. Purchase these items in bulk either through an online wholesaler to save money or visit your local hardware store and invest in a sprayer, face mask and scaffolding. Ask them to order these items for you if they do not have them on hand. Find a vehicle big enough to carry necessary equipment to job sites. Decide whether clients will buy their own paint or if you will buy it for them. Purchase basic paint colors that you will use frequently.
Since the job is so competitive, there is the need to build a portfolio and share it with prospective clients. Take photographs of all work you do and assemble them in a binder. Take this binder with you when you visit possible customers to showcase the quality of your work. If you have not painted houses before, it is worth doing a job for a friend or relative for free to have pictures of the work you have done.
Finally, if you don’t have an interest for painting but you still wish to make money from running a painting business, you can still start a painting firm in a bigger and more professional level; register the company, employ professional painters to work for your company, advertise the company and sublet the job to your employees and pay them wages.
So far, one would notice that painting business is profitable and most importantly, it is not capital intensive unless you are starting out on a professional level.

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