Foremost writer and PR consultant, Toni Kan is the latest brand ambassador in town as Samsung recently signed an endorsement deal with him.
The Sabi News co-founder and author of ‘Nights of the Creaking Bed’ got the endorsement deal with Samsung Electronics West African to promote the newly launched Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The unveiling ceremony, which was hosted by Banky W, held at the Nike Art Center in Lekki, Lagos with a turn up of top executives of the South Korean company.
Emmanoiul Revematas, director of information technology and mobile of Samsung West Africa described Toni Kan as, “one of Nigeria’s most prominent writers and author of the hugely popular and critically acclaimed Nights of the Creaking Bed.”
Speaking at the event, an elated Toni Kan disclosed said, “This recognition from Samsung is endorsement for all Nigerian writers because it means that writers are finally getting recognition as bonafide practitioners in the knowledge of economy. “Our work and our practice as writers lasts the longest unlike movies or music, musicians or actors yet we are usually treated as the poor cousins. This, hopefully, will chart a fresh path thanks to Samsung.”