TONTO Dikeh and a film producer
Ada Slim on Wednesday had an
exchange of words on social media,
as the latter claimed that the actress
is indebted to her and left her in the
ditch when she was down.
Ada Slim took to Instagram to
claim that she helped Dikeh find
her feet in the movie industry.
Slim said the actress borrowed
the first car she ever owned from
her, claiming that the car, clothes
and all other things she loaned
were never returned.
The producer said she believed
in Dikeh “even when you had
doubts” in herself, adding that
“My dream was to make your
dream come true.
“I produced the first film you
ever acted in the history of your
Nollywood career.”
Asides accusing Dikeh of failing
to return items loaned to her, she
claimed that the actress made her
go bankrupt through a film project.
“I quit because of the pains and
loss you caused me (N2m loss in
one film). I went bankrupt, you
never even looked out for me for
the 5yrs I was in exile in New York.
10 years later… here we are.”
In response to her post, Dikeh
claimed not to be aware of any
allegations, saying she does not
recall borrowing anything from
She, however, asked Ada Slim
to send her the bill if truly believes
she owes her.
“I got your message, and I am
here to tell you that you have been
played, I have and will never talk
about you negatively.
“I can’t remember having your
car in my possession now owing
you or having your clothes with
me, but if I truly do, please big sis
send me the bill.
“God has blessed me now and I
am super grateful, you were Gods
sent to me 10yrs back, and today I
can only thank you for letting God
use you on my journey.
“You ruined the chance of a meet
and greet when you made this a
public thing, but in all big sis, Have
a blessed life,” Dikeh wrote.

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