Following the introduction ceremony of actress, Tonto Dikeh last weekend, two of her Nollywood colleagues, Gideon Okeke and Daniella Okeke threw shades at the controversial actress in different posts.
This, without much surprise, drew the ire of Tonto’s army of fans who have hit back on Twitter and Instagram in several posts.
It got even more interesting as Tonto’s friend and celebrity stylist, Jeremiah Ogbodo aka Swanky Jerry joined the fray, aiming an attack at Gideon yet refusing to mention his name.
The celebrity stylist posted, “A man trying to bring a woman down, my goodness what is the world turning into? An Actor who should be busy going for auditions and trying to get jobs, but he’s busy checking other people’s life and making silly comments about them being married. A man who could not accept his responsibilities the female you are trying to bring down is one million times better than you on every level. You need to chill and come back next time when you can afford to feed over 15 dogs.”

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