Association of Tourists Boat
Operators and Water Transport
of Nigeria, ATBOWATON Mr.
Tarzan Balogun has called on the
federal and state governments
to provide a conducive
environment for tourism
business to thrive in the country.
Speaking with Tourism
Journalists in Lagos recently,
Mr. Balogun stated that tourism
needs a peaceful environment to
thrive, adding that the country
needs to guarantee safety and
peace to thrive in tourism.
Bahamas is not better than
Takwa Bay in Lagos, but the
planning and support of the
government differentiates
the two as Bahamas is better
planned and supported by their
government while for Takwa
Bay, it is a different ball game,
he said.
According to him, “security
and safety of tourism especially
those on our beaches and our
water ways is paramount, in
recent time, sea pirates have
robbed us severally and took
one of our boats away in Ijede,
this is not the first time this
robbery incident is happening,
but we are not deterred.”
While calling on the
government to do more to
secure the country’s water ways,
Balogun noted that safety is
paramount in the tourism sector,
water transportation and leisure
He said the Navy should
be well equipped to fight the
menace of this sea pirates
rampaging on our water ways
now, ’as it is now, I cannot say
that our waterways are safe
again as it used to be before,
there are too many sea pirates
operating in it”
Although he stated that
Nigerian aquatic tourism life is
now growing, as more Nigerians
are now going to the beaches,
taking boat ride for leisure and

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