OF LATE, the trend of building
collapse in Nigeria, and
particularly in Lagos, is becoming
quite alarming. Sometime last
year, a failed building belonging
to a famous church in Lagos
collapsed, leading to the death
of many people. It has now
become part of our daily routine
to hear sad tales of collapse
buildings with the attendant loss
of lives and properties, injuries,
structural and collateral damages
to other properties, as well as
public infrastructures. Though
cases of building collapse are
not peculiar to Nigeria, as they
happen all over the world, the
trend here is becoming quite
worrisome and a source of
concern to all stakeholders.
The latest building collapse
episode at Lekki, Lagos, is a
classical example of how acts
of brazen impunity by a few
unscrupulous individuals
could actually cause havoc to a
whole lot of lives. In an official State government after the ugly
incidence, it was revealed that
promoters of the collapsed building
were served contravention notice
for exceeding the approved floors,
and thereafter the building was
sealed by officials of the Lagos State
Building Control Agency. It equally
added that in a shameless act of
impertinence and utmost impunity,
the proprietors of the building
illegally unsealed the property and
continued building beyond the
approved floors until the ill-fated
The Lagos State government’s
claim that the promoters of the
building disregarded official
directives to stay action on the
project, having been found to have
contravened building regulations,
was corroborated by the staff of
the organisation, who alleged that
there was never a time they stopped
working on the building.
They simply carried on as if the
orders coming from the regulatory

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