Road Transport Employers Association of Nigeria, RTEAN, has appealed to the federal government to review the implementation of the National Automotive Policy, saying local manufactures presently lacks the capacity to meet the high demand of Nigerians for vehicles.
The Executive National President of RTEAN, Alhaji Shehu Musa Isiwele who made the appeal in his office yesterday during an interview in Abuja, also urged the government to grant 70% waiver on vehicles.
Isiwele said, “The scheme when fully implemented will generate employment opportunity for over 45,000 Nigerians who are ordinarily in the labour market, with additional 10, 000 layoff mechanical, technician and artisan engineers.
“We want this administration to look into the automotive policy that was initiated by the past administration with a view to reviewing the policy aimed at giving local manufactures time to build capacity that will be able to serve better the movement needs of Nigerians.”
He said the Union supports the policy, but still appeals for local manufactures since they can’t meet nation’s moment demands “that is why we are calling for the extension of the National Automatic Policy even though the initiative is coming at a time the government is discouraging the importation of vehicles.
“And I can tell you with certainty that the President will not be part of any policy, which makes it difficult for Nigerians to purchase cars for their socio-economic activities. The government will ensure the tariffs are lowered until the local assemblers are able to produce enough vehicles for local consumption.”
He appealed to the general public, especially the National Assembly and civil society organisations for their support towards providing better road transport system at a low price to the people.
“The success of road transport business is hinged on the availability of professional skills of our members and the services provided as auto-engineers which is cardinal to maintaining vehicles on the road”, he said.
Isiwele also pointed out that RTEAN’s robust nature and national spread with over 16million membership across the country, “stand us out as a viable and dependable destination for investments in road transportation business in Nigeria”.

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