Nigerian Christian Pilgrims
Commission, NCPC, Rev Tor Uja
has said that the Treasury Single
Account, TSA, remains one of the
best policies this administration has
implemented, adding that the policy
has saved the country from the path
of destruction.
Rev Uja who said this during
his courtesy visit to the corporate
headquarters of Nigerian Pilot
newspaper in Abuja, added that
though people are suffering due to
limits imposed by the development,
the TSA regime remains one of the
best things to happen to the country
He said, “Nigeria needed
breaks on its speed to the road to
destruction, because where Nigeria
was going was not where Nigeria
would have found redemption.”
While decrying the level of looting
by people who are supposed to be
serving the country, Uja called on
every Nigerian to join the fight and
bring corruption to its knees.
“I also want the government of
Nigeria to reduce the availability of
Dollars, Pounds, etc in the country
because no nation spends foreign
currency in its country, no matter
what people think of the economy
in your own country. If people are
going to buy forex or be given money
by the CBN to use for whether
imports or pilgrims heading abroad,
such money should be collected
abroad not in Nigeria; which should
also be done within certain limits.
We shouldn’t make the use of foreign
currency to be very easy in our country;
it diminishes us and weakens our
national fabrics,” he said
“It is important that our nation makes
progress, and I must tell you that I feel
personally insulted, humiliated and
assaulted when I see on television
hoards of money rolled out from all
kinds of places.
“Some people are de-Nigerianising
Nigeria, and I think we have come to
a stage where we need to glorify our
nation to show that Nigeria can do well
and to show that there are great things
we have available, so as to clear all
these negativities and totally stop this
kind of naked and demonic corruption,
because it doesn’t help anybody. And
to make it worse, people steal billions
then dig graves to hide them. It’s like
you’re burying Nigeria.
“We must all stand together to
kill corruption, to move away from
corruption, that’s why I want to
commend the Minister of Aviation
for proving that Nigeria can keep its
promise. He gave six weeks to reopen
the Abuja Airports, and at least a day
or two before the expiration date, the
Airport was opened.”
“With this, I believe that Nigeria
is capable of doing more than this,
and I’ll like to even tell the Federal
Government to go ahead and invest in
at least two or three airports in Nigeria.
Looking at our population and our size,
we need at least five more world class
airports in Nigeria, because every time
you go around the world and return,
you’ll be imagining whether we even
have an airport in the country, because
the best airport in Nigeria seems to be
the worst in other places.
“The runway of the Nnamdi
Azikiwe Airport was done at N5billion;
somebody imprisoned N15billion in
a flat in Ikoyi; that is approximately
three airports that can increase tourism,
earnings in public infrastructure.
“I’d like the federal government
to put additional funds so as to
rehabilitate more airports at least, if it
takes closing them down, let them do it,
and when they’re reopened, Nigerians
are definitely going to appreciate this
for real.
“In running Christian Pilgrimage,
one of the biggest issues we handle
is flying pilgrims to the destinations
of the world. It is not good for us that
many nations think very poorly of our
airlines and our port infrastructure;
we have the capacity, we have the
resources and we need to put them
together,” he said.
Speaking further, he called on the
media to give attention to these issues
so that those in authorities will be
under pressure to do what we believe
Nigeria is capable of doing, saying that
“Nigeria has always been a country
that has been under, poorly and weakly
“This is largely because of the
disposition of the Western Global Press,
and for whatever reason, the press
of the world seek to emphasise the
weakness of Nigeria and ignore what is
great in the country