Public Complaints Commissioner, Alhaji Abubakar Tsav, has described the recent amnesty granted the most dreaded militia leader in Benue State, Terwase Agwaza, popularly known as ‘Ghana’, as a fluke.
“They told him to help them win elections and he did. He in turn told them he wants to walk about freely, so they should try to give him amnesty.
“So, that was how the whole idea about the amnesty was mooted. The amnesty is directly in favour of ‘Ghana’ and not any other person. It is directed towards giving Ghana soft landing.”
It would be recalled that ‘Ghana’ recently surrendered 88 arms in the government house Makurdi, which is now christened Peoples House and was granted amnesty by the state governor, Samuel Ortom.
But Tsav said there was more than meets the eye since ‘Ghana’ did not disclose those that employed him.
“The question is, who are the people that engaged them, because the people who engaged him must have been the people that trained him and armed him. The people did not say he should harass people in market places or rustle cattle belonging to Fulanis,” Tsav said.
He said it was the same politicians who engaged ‘Ghana’ that bought motorcycles and vehicles for him, adding that his wife, Queen Agwaza stood to be voted in the last election, but lost.
“They have only scotched the snake, they have not killed it, may be if this man is still in power they may use him in the next election to intimidate people.
“He could be used as a sniper. They should probe his atrocities, this idea that they give you amnesty, they give you money is wrong,” Tsav further contended.
However, the special adviser to Governor Ortom on Media and ICT told newsmen that Tsav is playing the brief of a group of politicians who were defeated in the last elections to cause rift between his principal and President Muhammadu Buhari.
“This is part of the strategy, used to rubbish President Buhari’s administration and ceaselessly castigate that of Governor Ortom at the state level on several media platforms,” he said.
Agerzua said the politicians, who he said recruited Tsav, had observed that the President and the Benue State governor have a close working relationship and seek to destroy it.
But Tsav swore that he was not being used by any politician, more so as he is not a member of any political party, even as he cited his past and recent criticisms of former President Jonathan and President Muhammadu Buhari respectively.
On the insinuation that he converted to Islam in order to become Inspector General of Police, Tsav said, “I was born a Muslim, my parents were Muslims, I got converted to Christianity when I joined a Catholic school in Gboko.
“My mother who was a Yoruba woman was not happy about it. So, in order to please her, I went to meet her in Kaduna where I returned to Islam.
“Therefore, it is untrue that I joined Islam in order to become IGP. In any case, why didn’t they promote me IG when I returned to Islam? I am senior to Ahmadu Coomasie by one year, but Coomasie became IGP,” Tsav said.
He said Akume sent Godwin Daboh, Tor Melabo and Conrad Wergba, all of blessed memory to Coomasie, who he said he had a problem with, to check his records in case he had any stain to use against him, but they did not find anything, instead they alleged that he was corrupt and was dismissed from the police.
The retired Commissioner of Police said he is criticising Ortom because he became governor in a fraudulent way, stressing, “I don’t like anything that has to do with fraud. If he had come in on his own without somebody trying to circumvent democracy I wouldn’t have bothered, but he ran from injustice to come and cause injustice in that party and that was wrong, yet he calls himself a man of God.”
He said Ortom gave him a job to oversee police recruitment, but he declined, saying, “I can never work under such a person even if you give me a billion dollars every day.”

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