TRADE Union Congress, TUC, has accuse Rivers State governor, Barrister Nyesom Wike, of playing a politics of vendetta, by transferring his anger against the immediate past administration of Rotimi Amaechi to some of the workers employed/appointed by the former governor.
The congress, however, posited that such action would not be in tandem with what the nation in general and Rivers State in particular needed at the moment.
Reacting to the rumours of mass sack of 344 lecturers and others employed at the Rivers State Polytechnic, Bori, since September 2014 by the former governor, and the disbandment of the Rivers State Road Traffic Management Authority, TIMA-RIV, the congress warned that if the governor did not retract his vindictive actions against the innocent workers, they might be left with no option than to resort to industrial action to compel him to respect the rights of workers.
Meanwhile, a statement released in Abuja yesterday by TUC president and secretary general, Comrades Bobboi Kaigama, and Musa Lawal respectively, expressed shock and disappointment at news of the sack, especially because of the grave consequences it portends for the affected workers, their dependants and the rest of the society.
“Disengaging 344 lecturers and other personnel in one fell swoop without sparing a thought about what would become of them and their dependants are very improper. It is our view that the governor should do a rethink and reverse that move,” the statement noted.
The congress attributed the governor’s actions to the fallouts of political acrimony that traversed the periods before and during the recent elections in the state, and opined that all such considerations ought to have gone with that period.
“Right now good governance should be the governor’s priority. Nigerians have become increasingly interested in public affairs and impatient for good governance because of years of unfulfilled promises by their leaders. They are much wiser now and can no longer be fooled and impoverished by a minute percentage of the populace,” the statement said.
The labour leaders noted that many of the people whose appointments the governor terminated probably voted for him.
They queried: “How will they explain to their friends, family members and associates that the man they so much believed in and voted for has relieved them of their jobs in spite of the fact that job creation and provision of infrastructure were among his campaign promises?”
The congress called on governments at all levels to eschew politics of bitterness. It also observed that government is a continuum, and any useful project embarked on by a preceding administration should not be done away with so as not to waste taxpayers’ money that has been expended on it.

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