President of Trade Union Congress, TUC , Mr Bobboi Kaigama on Tuesday called for thorough investigation into the alleged civil service job racketeering uncovered by the Federal Government.
Speaking in Abuja yesterday, Kaigama, said that the matter should be properly investigated and all the perpetrators brought to book.
Kagama, who is also the National President of the Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria, ASCSN, said that the association does not encourage its members to get involved in any criminal activities.
Recall that the Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed during a meeting with some selected on-air-personalities in Lagos last week said that he had uncovered job racketeering in his ministry.
Meanwhile, TUC President, while commenting on the issue said that he hoped that the case in question must have been investigated thoroughly before the pronouncement by the minister.
He said that since the case was revealed, the association was yet to receive any report from any of the affected officials. “Those officers involved, if they are truly innocent, they would have reached out at us. We are responsible leaders, if such cases get to us, in terms of victimisation, dismissal among others, we will go ahead and do our investigations and confront the authorities involved.
“So till date they have not come, they have not come to complain, and we cannot act on something that we did not receive a complaint, except for exceptional cases such as downsizing. “So that means something is fishy, but as soon as those involved get across to us we will give them the fair hearing to find out why. “In this case of fraud, we expect the agencies of government involved to investigate and do their homework thoroughly. If there are sharp practices, all the persons involved should be punished even those who paid money to be employed should be sanctioned. Because in accordance with the law, the giver of bribe and the taker of bribe are all guilty. So why must you do that in the first instance, that means you are not worth of the employment.”
He said that employment either in the core civil service or parastatals is governed by laid down procedures, adding that the union has being advising members that any of them that came in through the back door would continue to do things through the back door. He called on Federal Government to ensure that all employment in the country follow the appropriate process. Kaigama said that government must know that Nigerians are all equal before the law and before God. `
`So if there are opportunities in employment, government must throw it open to all Nigerians. We have the Federal Character Commission that will try to balance the distribution of position and if these processes are followed every state, every local government would have a fair deal. But people do not want to follow it, they want to cut corners,” he said.
Meanwhile, the Minister of Information and Culture in a news conference yesterday explained that those responsible for the racketeering have been arrested and have been handed over to the police for necessary investigation and prosecution.

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