Tunisia authority said it has arrested a Moroccan man suspected of involvement in the deadly March attack on the Bardo Museum.
Spokesman for the Interior Ministry, Mohammed Aroui, said the suspect was arrested on Sunday at Tunisia’s border with Libya.
“This Moroccan element is wanted by Tunisian security and judiciary.
“He is now under investigation,’’ he added, without giving details.
The disclosure came more than a week after Italy announced the arrest of Moroccan-born Abdel-Majid Touil in connection with the attack on Tunisia’s Bardo Museum that left 21 foreign tourists and a policeman dead.
Aroui said that Italy had not extradited Touil to Tunisia.
Tunisia has accused Touil, 22, of involvement in the Bardo attack by providing logistical support.
However, preliminary evidence suggested that the man was in Italy when the March 18 attack took place.
Tunisia launched a nationwide crackdown on suspected extremists after the museum attack, Tunisia’s deadliest in more than a decade.
However, the Islamic State militant group, which is active in Syria and Iraq, claimed responsibility for the attack. dpa/NAN

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