In his hideaway on the Dutch-Belgian border Tyson Fury is reshaping that gigantic 6ft 9in body in preparation for his rematch with Wladimir Klitschko.
Ever the walking contradiction, never shy of controversy, the Gypsy King who defied all odds to end Klitschko’s decade-long reign over world heavyweight boxing has given up eating meat yet is building muscle in expectation of inflicting a knock-out in next month’s rematch.
‘It will be a different fight in Manchester,’ says Fury, who bamboozled Klitschko with a giddy mixture of mind games and amazing twinkle-toed agility on the night in Germany when he won most of the world heavyweight titles.
‘Klitschko will have to try something different and I must change to be ready for him.
‘It will be explosive and I must add power to my athleticism. So it might seem odd that I’m cutting out red meat. I used to love sitting down to a huge steak but now it’s seafood and fish salad.
‘I used to tell myself that a cow is stronger than a fish. Now when I’m in a restaurant and someone on the next table orders a juicy side of beef I’m disgusted that an animal has been killed to feed him.
‘I’m a pescatarian now. Not a vegetarian because I don’t like many vegetables. Only sweet corn, mushy peas and potatoes. And I feel fitter and sharper on a diet of fish. Not bloated any more. I’m no longer like the lion whose gorged himself on a kill and then has to go and lie down in the sun to sleep it off.’
Even so, he is putting on weight so as to withstand the higher ratio of aggressive punches he anticipates Klitschko throwing on July 9.
‘I’m trimming fat but adding muscle,’ he explains. ‘It’s a balancing act. I can’t go under 10 per cent body fat or I’ll feel the punches. But assuming he comes out throwing this time I will need the power to knock him out.
‘Forget the meat. I’m bigger on the chest and arms than I’ve ever been in my life, up top. But I’ll still be able to move despite being half a stone heavier than last time, at just under 18 stone.’
Fury’s physical condition is in marked contrast to the blubber he was carrying – and proudly exposed – five weeks ago at the press conference to launch this rematch.
He says: ‘I don’t believe in training every day of the year, like Wladimir who does it so he can keep boxing at 40. I enjoy every minute of putting on three or four stones with the Chinese and Indian takeaways.

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