• 300,000 Nigerians currently living in US – Envoy

Nigerian accountant and part-time pastor in the United Kingdom, Samuel Kayode has been sentenced to nine years in prison for stealing £4.1million.
Kayode was sentenced on Friday by Woolwich Crown Court in South London for defrauding Haberdashers’ Aske’s state schools in the UK.
The part-time pastor, who earned £57, 000 per annum, was convicted after being found guilty of £150,000 theft and £3.95million fraud.
Out of the £4.1million, only £800, 000 was recovered from him.
Described as “dishonest” and “greedy”, the court heard how Kayode lavished the stolen money on four women, his wife, Grace; a second ‘wife’ in Nigeria, Olubunmi Halima; and two other women in the UK.
British prosecutor, James Thacker, said he also bought luxury cars including a Mercedes, an Audi TT sports car and an Infiniti car with the money.
The court also heard how for seven years the convict looted the accounts of Haberdashers. He was said to be secretive, locking himself in his office to work late, “after arriving in a Mercedes, wearing £500 Gucci shoes and carrying a Louis Vuitton briefcase.”
Thacker said the father of four from Ilford, East London, was too arrogant to admit his guilt even after he was caught red-handed in 2012.
Kayode tried to blame the crime on his late wife and a junior colleague, saying that they conspired to tarnish his image by transferring the money to his account in revenge for his adultery.
His crime was exposed when a school cleaner stumbled across some of Kayode’s documents. The cleaner was said to make an anonymous call to the schools’ Chief Finance Officer, Yvonne Smithers.
The accounts manager started work at Haberdashers’ – which has links with the public schools of the same name – in 1997.
According to the prosecutor, Kayode started using the BACS money transfer system (a system in the UK for making payments directly from one bank account to another) in 2006, to put “tens of thousands at a time directly into a joint account held with wife Grace. He then spent up to £98,000 a month.”
Apart from spending money on his wife’s health care until her death in 2013, Kayode also signed documents showing he was making investments with Halima, and renting flats in Kent for ‘partners’ Toyin Lawal and Yetunde Turtak.

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300,000 Nigerians currently living in US – Envoy
Outgoing Deputy Consul-General of the United States in Lagos, Ms Dehab Ghebreab yesterday said that no fewer than 300,000 Nigerians were currently living in different parts of the U.S.
Ghebreab, who told the News Agency of Nigeria, NAN, in Lagos that the number of Nigerians in America was increasing, and that about 30,000 Americans were living in Nigeria.
“It has been estimated that there are currently about 300,000 Nigerians working, studying or doing business in different states of America. ‘We also have about 30,000 Americans living in different parts of Nigeria today. There is a growing increase in the people-to-people relationship between Nigeria and the United States today,’’ she said.
Ghebreab noted that after decades of mutual partnership between Nigeria and the U.S., their relationship had grown favourably within the last five years. According to her, both countries will continue to have closer ties in the near future.
Ghebreab said that the U.S. government would continue to promote people-to-people relationships between Nigerians and the Americans, to further enhance areas of partnerships between the two countries.
The deputy consul-general expressed her government’s commitment to strengthening its partnership, as well as facilitating trade and investment with Nigeria in the years ahead. Ghebreab, who also commended the contributions of Nigerian and American citizens to both countries’ socioeconomic development, announced her government’s plan to facilitate the investments of U.S. companies in Nigeria.
“The United States and Nigeria’s relationship has been going on for decades, and it has always been a very strong relationship. Both countries will continue to address issues of mutual interest between them. This is what friends and partners do,” she further said.

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