Abuja Writers Forum, AWF Guest Writer Session for 2015 began with the hosting of Chambers Umezuluike as its guest for the month when he showcased his debut novel, ‘Malcom.’
The, which held at Nanet Suites around 4pm, featured the guitarist, David Adzerart, amidst the readings and a raffle-draw for book prizes that rocked the literary enthusiasts who gathered at the venue.
Born in Ogidi, Anambra State, Umezulike describes himself as a Nigerian secular humanist, activist, novelist and essayist. He is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in International Studies at the Institute of Diplomacy and International Studies, University of Nairobi, Kenya, on a university scholarship.
His previous publishing efforts have been ‘Foot-Prints of 50 Great Nigerians,’ (with Too Nwoye) and ‘The Metamorphoses of Nigeria (1914 – 2014)’ (with Gerald Nwokocha, Dr. Adedemije Mafouz and Johnson Olamide).
Malcolm, Umezulike’s third book, is a foray into the terrain of fiction. Usman Shata leads a coalition of military heavyweights to float and mould the African Democratic Party into a leviathan political platform upon the return to civil rule in Nigeria. The coalition soon consolidates a vise grip on all functional institutions in the polity and private sector and grows into a domineering 14-country pan-African platform. It also enjoys the doting allegiance of western governments.
An alliance of left-wing activists led by Malcolm Osisiye, in the stead of his assassinated mentor, Ike Obi-Ike, is determined to put the tyrannical hegemons out of business. Lurking in the corner are the antics of a sensual Italian beauty. Power, greed, lust, activism, social change, political creed, ideology – these combine to brew this cocktail on national liberation from internal colonisation.
Umezulike’s articles and short fiction have been published in The Guardian Newspaper, Sun Newspaper and literary blogs and websites. His articles have been around: Youth Empowerment, African Capitalism, Nigerian Education System; and Africa’s Leadership, Governance, Social and Development Crisis. He is a graduate of Computer Science, from University of Nigeria.
He is passionate about a better, just and sustainable world. He is also a programme director of ‘Release Prisoners of Conscience Campaign, RPCC,’ an activism programme, through which he has coordinated massive letter writing campaigns on the release of prisoners of conscience throughout the world.
The Guest Writer Session which started in June 2008 has established a reputation as the most consistent literary event in the country and has featured an enviable list of emerging and established writers.

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