The UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative, Mohammed Ibn Chambas, has met with both President Koroma of Sierra Leone and the elected Vice President, Alhaji Sam Sumana, over the latter’s sacking.

Chambas who is also the Head of the United Nations Office for West Africa (UNOWA), met with Sumana at his private residence in Freetown last weekend before meeting with Koroma.

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Although details of the discussions remained secret, it was gathered that the UN envoy appealed admonished both parties to respect the rule of law in an effort to save the country from further chaos.

Sumana could not divulge the details of the meeting when contacted but said afterwards that he was more than satisfied with the involvement of the UN.

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Meanwhile, pressure is mounting on Koroma and his ruling party over the sacking and the appointment of another Vice-President.

Reports say opposition political parties have vowed not to recognise the newly appointed Vice President, insisting that Sumana is the legitimate Vice-President.

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Civil society groups, namely, the Sierra Leone Bar Association, the Sierra Leone Labour Congress among others have urged Koroma to recall Sumana.

Amid threats of public demonstration, civil disobedience, the Koroma administration has come under pressure from both within and outside the country to recall the sacked Vice-President, sources said. (PANA/NAN)